Civs having too many bonues, which can be used elsewhere if balance is not impacted

So as a standard which I am laying, civs having 3 or 4 bonuses are having good civ design. Civs having more than that had been lagging definitely due to which these bonuses were given. Before writing this post, I have re read the tech tree which means this data is up to date. I shall also suggest some changes to make it look balanced.

  1. Byzantines (5 bonuses): Fire ships have 1 bonus and 1 unique tech. Either of the two stay as the unique tech. The other one can be used for any other civ. Since the attack speed bonus was since AoK, I request that Greek Fire makes Fire Ships fire 25% faster, while the range bonus is dropped entirely for Byz.

  2. Cumans (3 bonuses but 2 of them are situational; the 3rd one is also quite weak though): give them a non-situational bonus which also buffs them since they are one of the worst overall and worst in pro scene.

  3. Goths (5 bonus): I don’t know about the extra attack vs boars since now Loom can be picked up immediately while going to hunting. The extra carry capacity of hunters is definitely nice though. The extra pop space can be dropped. It is OP in 25 pop games and useless in 300+ population games. I don’t think this will be controversial.

  4. Italians (land maps: 2 bonuses): Suggestion to bump the age up discount to 20% and nerf the dock tech discount to 33%.

  5. Japanese (land maps: 2 civ bonuses and 0 team bonus): Certainly not a civilization to be buffed or nerfed.

  6. Koreans (5 bonuses): Villagers +3 LOS civ bonus changed to villagers +2 LOS as a team bonus. Reduced mangonel min range dropped.

  7. Magyars (2 bonuses considering the insta wolf kill bonus is now situational): the Magyars are one of those civs who definitely do not struggle with holes in tech tree. Paladins, great HCA, Arbalesters, Hussars available with Huszars everything is available. They lack on defenses and economy bonuses.

  8. Malay (2 civ bonses, team bonus and 1 UT useless on land maps): definitely one of those civs which is well balanced in today’s meta. Even the 2 water civ bonuses are useless in pure water maps. Suggestion to replace cost of fish traps with a land bonus, maybe something to Skirmishers to protect infantry and Elephants against archers.

  9. Persians (flat out 2 bonuses): I would like to split the work rate on TCs and Docks as 2 separate bonuses which takes the count to 3. Definitely no changes required to self. Team bonus changed to affect other Cavalry units too. This actually doesn’t affect all mounted units, but units Equivalents to Knights - like Boyars, Konniks, Leitis, etc. Maybe give free Parthian Tactics (taken away from Tatars) considering the Technology in real life originated in that region.

  10. Saracens (5 bonuses): even considering the situational bonus of galley attack rate, there are 4 bonuses. Team bonus be changed to markets costing -40%. This really sounds like a meh bonus since saving 40% on markets in Feudal Age might be huge but you will still build only 1 market. In late game team games, wood won’t be an issue so 40% isn’t much. The markets costing less natively for Sacaens be dropped for the team bonus. It brings the cost of the market from 75w to 105w for Saracens.

  11. Tatars: 5 bonuses considering free Parthian Tactics and free Thumb Ring as different bonuses. Free Parthian Tactics dropped as +2p is seriously huge against Crossbowmen.

  12. Star of the topic, Teutons (6 bonuses): the two bonuses to keep in every situation are farm bonus and armor bonus. Any 2 of the remaining 4 be dropped since Teutons are now officially “not a defensive civilization”. Analogous to the Tatars, free Murder Holes and free Herbal Medicine if considered 2 different bonuses, takes the count to 7.

  13. Turks (breaking down their first bonus takes the count to 6): the Turks definitely have 2 different unit themes, as Light Cavalry + Cavalry Archers or as Gunpowder. While I respect both, the following changes can be made as a whole:
    a. Scout Cavalry line +1p armor.
    b. Gold mining upgrades (both) and Chemistry free.
    c. Gunpowder units +25% HP.
    d. Researching gunpowder technology costs -50%.
    Net change: rewording. Free Light Cavalry and Hussar upgrades dropped. Gold miners work +20% faster dropped. Free gold mining upgrades added.

13 (continued) as for Malians: lose free gold mining. Gain gold miners work +5% faster in Dark, +10% in Feudal, +15% in Castle and +20% in Imperial Ages. I don’t think having both gold mining techs free as Turks won’t disturb balance as much as Malians having it.

Other changes suggested:

  1. Portuguese: team bonus changed to ships +10% HP rather than free Cartography something. This change does absolutely nothing in 1vs1 and does nothing to Portuguese themselves.

  2. Vietnamese: Team bonus changed to opponent TCs visible at start of the game. The Imperial Skirmisher is definitely a good unit, but its use for Vietnamese is limited due to having other good options and extra HP on regular Skirmishers as well. The Imperial Skirmisher team bonus can be given to Incas, who themselves have a gold heavy army and a focus on Skirmishers. The Imperial Skirmisher can be renamed as Atlatl which is a proper unit upgrade to Aztec Elite Skirmishers rather than giving +1 attack and +1 range. It will actually be the same but it will have a name as well.

  3. Franks: considering the Bulgarian Krepost, the Frank castle bonus be reduced to 20% rather than 25%.

  4. Incas: in the same light, the buildings costing less stone be reduced to 12%. Incan villagers can also benefit from Squires and Arson as Infantry upgrades.

  5. Bulgarians: I didn’t notice it, but now Bulgarians TC bonus starts in the Castle Age.