Clan Improvements

Ideas to improve the Clan side of things in DE II. This is meant to seed ideas for developers, not saying these need to be done asap.

I apologize for the formatting below not being perfect.

My Clan Tab

Where it lists all the members of the clan and their online status or not, it would be nice if

  1. It displayed each member’s 1v1 Random Map Elo, TG Random Elo, 1v1 DM Elo, TG DM Elo, and Best Civilization
  2. You could sort by each category, including Status and each of the above elo ratings. Thus that would create a sort of leaderboard within each clan rating wise and maybe inspire players in each clan in that way. Additionally it would be helpful in trying to find players of certain ability level.

My Clan and Clan Browser Tab
In the box that displays the clan name, clan tag, number of members, and text about the guild…

  1. Some sort of rating system for the Clan as a whole, so that you can not just have a player leaderboard but also a clan leaderboard. The numbers used would be the total of the top four players in the guild.

  2. The range of elos present in the clan, automatically updated by the game. This could be useful information for players when trying to find a clan that has members at their level.

  3. Not as important, but would be nice for bigger clans with players who aren’t the cream of the crop, is to have a cross section of second and third team ratings. The Ranking of the Second Team and Third Team would still be ranked in the overall Team Rankings, so it would be possible for say a team to have say the #4 and #12 overall ranked teams in Age of Empires, with their top four players being rated #4 and their 5th - 8th players being rated #12.

Example of the above two suggestions:

Clan Tag: [QnD]
Members: 8

                                                     *First Team*
                                     Rating      Rank      Wins     Losses      Total      Win%
            1v1 Random Map:          5303         #65
            TG Random Map:           6710         #47
                   1v1 DM:           5723         #3
                    TG DM:           7125         #1

                                                         *Second Team*
                                     Rating      Rank      Wins     Losses      Total      Win%
            1v1 Random Map:          4400        #145
          TG Random Map:             -----       ----
             1v1 DM:                 4808         #15
               TG DM:                6390         #8

                                     Rating      Rank      Wins     Losses      Total      Win%
            1v1 Random Map:          ------     ------
             TG Random Map:         -------      -----
                    1v1 DM:         -------      ------
                     TG DM:         -------      ------

Elo Range
1v1 Random Map: 880 - 1550
TG Random Map 1035 - 1735
1v1 DM: 935 - 1885
TG DM: 1100 - 2035

As per the above suggestion, not just having a player Leaderboard but also a Clan Leaderboard.

I think this could help to be motivating to players to get involved in Clans, to foster the team aspect of Age of Empires with guilds and eSports, and maybe also be motivating to players a little bit lower to work on their games.

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