Clan Size: From 50 to Unlimited

Ok. So I’m a youtuber focused on AOE and my suscribers want to join my official clan in the game, just like in AGE OF EMPIRES 3. But… today I found there is a limit of 50 members. Nonsense.

I expect that to change in order to meet the expectations generated by the only known clan system in AOE. The one from AOE 3. Please AOE, do it for my clan. Don’t limit clan size.

PLUS. Limited size clans can easily get full with members than might get inactive over time. It’s easier to manage a clan if its size is unlimited. Anyway. You might have (like in mi case) need of even more space. I should think Microsoft didnt realise there would be any influencer working over this game but… yes. It would be unfair for any other suscriber apart from those lucky 50.




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Maybe it’s a bug… or perhaps you have to gain points to expand the clan (??)

Anyway that’s not how the clan system worked and there is no info about how it should get bigger if that’s the case.

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yeah, it’s weird
I have no idea why they would limit something like that, and if so why even give “achievements” for having more than 50