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Apologies for this thread not being an actual bug report, but I have a burning question which most of the players browsing through here will likely wonder. Could we have some clarification on what is the specific purpose of this new forum section? I mean, given that AoE3 is no longer receiving official patches for over a decade, and we know there is a remaster on the way… are we supposed to start reporting issues from the old, 2009 version of the game here? It admittedly seems a bit odd, but perhaps these reports can be utilized for the remaster development, or you have something else in mind.

I have also noticed that the “How to Report a Bug or Exploit” tells us to include a “version or build number” from a “home screen”, which doesn’t actually seem to refer to the currently available official game version (where no such information exists on the main menu screen, assuming that’s what home screen could refer to). This leads me to believe this forum was perhaps made in advance for the remastered version, in which case users should refrain from reporting bugs found in the current (old) version? I have to say I’m a bit confused here, as in this case, the forum should probably not be open yet in the first place.

I hope you are able to grant the users some more clarification on the purpose of this section in order for us to use it properly and give you the relevant information you are looking for.

Thank you


Before you start with remastering it’s always nice to know which bugs there are in the current version(s). Also it might be meant as sub topic to group all posts by users, but that’s not supported yet. There are only main category levels and no sub category levels in discourse (yet). At least as far as I know.

@GMEvangelos Would you please answer EaglemutOP? Thanks!

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Hey there! You are fairly spot-on about the purpose of this particular sub-category. While official support of the game has waned over the years, my goal in creating the new areas is to help organize and document issues that are impacting the players’ experience in the game(s).

Though there is already a good deal of discussion on the Steam forums (which I plan to join once I have the proper admin permissions), I want to ensure that there is a place where players can communicate about the bugs they experience right here on the official forums. On my end, this will help me keep track of the problems impacting the community, and will help me ensure that I’ve built a full list of requests if and/or when it becomes something we want to revisit in the future.

I hope that answers your question. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that we are supporting our community to the fullest, which (in part) means talking about the things we can work towards in the future.


Has anything been done in regards to the more note-worthy bugs/exploits or are you going at this from scratch? So as to know if reporting something like Alt-D which every AOE3 Player knows is worthwhile

I would recommend reporting everything! Since I am new to the Community Team and your primary point of contact with the Age team, I’m open to anything that’s been bugging you (har har) while playing AoE3.

Basically, assume I know nothing, even if it’s already on someone’s list somewhere. Guarantee it is by submitting it here! =)


“Failed to join game” Issue is still there and needs to be fixed.
I believe it’s time they should know about this big problem in AOE3 that hunts thousands of players around the world preventing them from joining ESO rooms and forcing them to use VPN to play or eventually quit the game.
Please share this post or remake a thread regarding this issue.