Classic resouece gathering

dose anyone want the old style resasuce gatering back you know where you have for exampal a woodcutter he goe foff cats some wood then comes back to the town center or luber yard goabk for more it was one of the littel things that made the first 2 games so engaging.

I understand you’re asking if we would like the current resource gathering mechanics. My answer is a mix between yes and no.

I like it in AoE 2 and 3, so that’s a yes with a lot of question marks.
However AoE 4 should ideally feature 15 years of RTS progress since AoE 3. This is extremely hard to do without producing a dysfunctional collage of separate mechanics, and I’d like to quote Dark Souls 2 here, known to put a level where the ground is lava at the top of a super tall elevator, located at the topmost point of a windmill, where the bottom is a poison pit preceded by a bottomless cliff.

Before talking about resource gathering I’d have to talk about resources, and before that I’d have to talk about ages. Is AoE 4 going to feature 4-5 ages like it’s trending? Will it take the brave leap of spanning more ages? Because we know people hated Empire Earth 3 for having very few ages, but does the opposite make people happy?

Say, if AoE 4 spanned prehistory to the contemporary age, we’d need stone back (removed in AoE 3), but also oil pits, coal, oil, and possibly uranium deposits to create a marvel (previously could be Taj Mahal for all I care, this time it would be a Tsar Bomba to nuke everything for an instant win like a COD MOAB).

TL;DR: I’ll tell you when I see how far the game goes.

I think AoE4 will not exactly reach into modern ages…

I don’t know if IESPIAbbadon is joking or believing that, it seems that comparing AoE to Empire Earth is…kind of a stretch.

To go back to topic. I would like to the the recource system like in AoE2, even including gathering spots where workers bring the recources too. It feels kind of more natural. They could of course have something like the AoM Atlanteans or AoE3 german special Gatherer who take their harvesting space with them for one or two nations, would certainly enter a little mor variety


IDK if you got the right idea, the point was that AOE4 could have more ages in the sense that I like seeing end game, but it doesn’t happen very often since most games (in AOE3) are stuck around age 3 often and I tend to like end game unit compositions with end game units. The EE reference was just a question about whether people would enjoy more ages, since there are already plenty in the current game.

The idea was nowhere close to having spaceships in the game, just be able to unlock end game units faster in regular games, and maybe have the same option as revolution sooner than age 5, where you had the option to go all in and lose access to the civilization’s highest tech tiers.

On hindsight maybe it wouldn’t be the greatest idea, but I really am wondering right now.

Interviews don’t say so

Isgreen also speaks about the Age of Empires 4 time period – he says “So we start a little bit earlier than Age II’s time and we go a little bit further, kind of bumping up against the early Renaissance,” but sadly, couldn’t give further details, yet.

Including a lot of eras in one game just isn’t a good idea

It is confirmed,it is classical aoe1/aoe2 resources gathering

Also you can find it in this video
Minute- 1:52

You are probably right, I just reinstalled the UA mod for DoW soulstorm, which does effectively a similar thing: Turns a standard 3-tier RTS into a super complex game with 5 tiers and 3 fractions of tech inside each, and it’s boring AF.

I literally never went past tier 2, unless I deliberately stalled the game, which is something you don’t want to do vs players or cheater AI.

I will say however, AoE 3 at least has a nomad age that nobody plays, where you start with a TC wagon, and it’s not even the default starting age. So this gave me one idea, for the official game it may span e.g. 5 ages, but after that there could be either expansions or mod support for additional ages for non-competitive use and just for fun, where you can change both initial and last ages.

In other words, officially and competitively speaking, make the latest tech tier achievable within the average length of a normal 1v1 match, but add fun special modes where we can play other stuff, which in turn would allow us to test and see if new ideas would be fun to play without having to commit to them. Starcraft 2’s arcade mode is pretty popular at the moment, 10 years after release.

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