Clicking something just to come back and see it hasnt been researched or created

This is a weird issue I been having. For some reason sometimes when i click to make a unit or press on a research I come back to see it was never clicked. I thought it was just me but recently Hera said the same thing happened to him in HC3. He swears he clicked MAA research during his first game vs Joan the main when he was doing his finals review.

Anyone else witness this happening??

Sometimes in AoC I would click something and somehow be able to release it without the thing starting. I guess something about moving the mouse away from the button before releasing the click? Anyway it didn’t happen to me on DE and fortunately the global queue allows you to make sure whether it’s indeed making progress.

is it when you age up? because I’ve missed horse collar a lot of times due to that

I think its most noticeable when something you really needed doesn’t research or create. I notice it with horse collar, dark age militia, MAA upgrade, and most commonly with mangonels that didnt create when I really needed them to.