Maybe I’m dumb and just don’t how to do it (if it’s possible, that is) but I really miss cloning in this game. Anyone else agreeing? I know that you can deselect groups of units but I’m talking about deselecting single units.

For those of you who don’t know what cloning is I’ll give an example. Let’s say I have 3 scouts that I want to send out to scout the map in 3 different directions. What I have to do at the moment is select 1, klick where I want the scout to go and then repeat until all my scouts have been given their commands. With cloning I could select my 3 scouts, klick where I want the first scout to go and then deselect a scout by klicking on the scout icon (not the unit model itself since my screen probably isn’t where my scouts are). I could then klick where I want my other scouts to go without the first scout.


Not sure if you are willing to try this out:

I always go double scout, control group them under nr 1 and nr 2, and just simply select them with the hotkey number and shift click on the minimap.
(I’m using this for the first 5 minutes of the game to discover everything without using too much effort)

All I need to do is double tap a hotkey if I hear them whistling. :slight_smile:

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i never knew there was a name for that technique

its useful for villagers too, like if u want to move 8 from wood to farms

you box select a dozen and then just deselect until you have 8 instead of the current way where you have to mouseover+shiftclick individual villis to remove them

would be a nice function to have


That I already do! Thanks for the reply though.

This is not really relevant to cloning though as that is more of a one time action while what you are talking about are more about a setup for easy access.

Another example of cloning, to illustrate my point, would be to use prelates as HRE. Say the enemy attacks me early and I defend with my prelates healing my villagers/military units. After I successfully defended I want to send my prelates back to inspire my villagers, right? I could select them individually and send them to their ‘posts’ or ctrl click them and use cloning.

The scout example I was thinking more about when you do a quick sweeping of the map to maybe find a sneaky villager or something. Maybe I was unclear in that first example. Sorry about that!


Using the SC2 example. It’s easier to explain this way)


Is it possible to do this with the current UI? To my understanding every single unit whitin a group needs to have a separate icon

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Perhaps this button can be used for a group of units of the same type?


My line of thought would be to expand the group icon to show individual units. Or just have a command to subtract a unit from a group.

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Tried it, didn’t work :frowning: