Close beta of AOE IV

Is there anyone who have any information about when is the date of the upcoming close beta of AOE IV ?

2nd closed beta is there ?

You do know that if there was a closed beta that is secret, the beta testers can’t talk about it, unless developper decide to talk about it.


As far as I am aware, there hasn’t been a second closed beta announcement.
I would wager, considering the timeframe until release, that the next beta is going to be open.
However, no news regarding any next beta so far.


The first closed beta already happened , now we might go to the second beta

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It was just announced recently. Except its open!

Except it is an open beta, anyone can join

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The closed beta has already come and gone. I don’t think their doing a second closed beta


Yeah im pretty sure the new open beta is the last we will get before launch.
Still exciting!


I’m hoping to see some improvements from the last beta

Here’s what they’ve announced so far.


Glad they are working on the zoom distance

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Thank you for your replies and informing :smiley:

From FAQ:

  • The Technical Stress Test will contain only a portion of what Age of Empires IV will have to offer at release and more opportunities to showcase Age of Empires IV will be in the near future.
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I’d be happily surprised if there were more!

pretty sure there will be another round. We are still missing some civs to play, or at least one with the Rus, HRE is in the open beta it seems.
I dont think they will balance any civ without valid data from a closed beta environment test :slight_smile:

How do I sign up on steam?

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Go to the store page of AoE4 and there you can request access to the stress test.

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