Clubman with 4 attack

It would be interesting to attack the clans from 3 to 4 to improvise rush in the Stone Age. Attack 3 for clubs does not make up for cost-benefit.
In voobly, an IVS patch, which balanced civilizations; Had changes in the clubs for 4 of attack, the game became much more dynamic; There is no unfoldment compared to the villagers, so that if one takes a morsel of fawns, to defend it only of the kind claves as well.
Who has curiosities:

The clubman rush is indeed a very underused tactic and most guides I have seen have told never to bother making them. In AoE2 the drush is rather commonly used by expert players and it seems to be well balanced, but there are a couple things in this that don’t add up:

  • Militias cost more than clubmen
  • The strength difference between a militia and a villager with loom is minimal, while clubman has a lot more HP than a non-Sumerian villager.
  • In AoE2 villagers can garrison in the TC to protect themselves
  • In AoE2 there are better walling options in the first age

Clubmen in AoE1 seem to be in every imaginable way superior to militia in AoE2, so why does no one use them then? I think this should be properly tested by high level players before giving clubmen extra attack and potentially making them overpowered.

If i compare with aoe2, milician cost 60f 20g and have 40hp 4a, clubman cost only 50 food, and you cant upgrade your vilis in aoe (aoe2 loom make your vilis more strong age 1).

But if this change make the game more intersting to see, why not?


Hmmm, I should try this once I get my hands on the game…

should not be worth investing atleast 200 food on stone age is too much