Please bring co-op civilization play to age of empries 3 de please


Ideally, the best co-op mode would be a brand new co-op campaign where you and a friend play as either the French or Indians, working together to rid North America of the Americans and British.

If they were ever to convert a handful of single player missions into co-op, a few of the better missions would be:

  • The last two missions in the Morgan Black campaign, the Spanish Gold one and the Fountain of Youth
  • The “Seven Years War” mission in John Black’s campaign
  • The mission with Bolivar
  • Bunker Hill mission but the British attackers are BLAAARRRRRGHHHH
  • Yorktown mission
  • Any of the “get a set amount of XP to impress your mates” missions

A lot of potential for AoE 3 DE if they implement co-op modes in the challenges.

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Agreed those would be the perfect choice for co op mission but also i wanna have freedom to play any civ co-op in normal skirmishes.