Coop was enjoyable, especially playing with friends who might be a lower skill level, but it needs to be more difficult - it doesn’t feel scaled for two players.

I can see myself replaying these missions with different friends who want to do it. I would love to see a way to have your your fastest completion times recorded as a way to add replayability. Since the actually missions aren’t that difficult, it be fun to have different medals awarded for beating the missions within different time frames, much like the art of war missions.

I would like to see this, but with no AI (or just for the players that don’t matter too much in the scenario). Then balance it for ELO accordingly. I’ve tried to replicate scenarios into unranked to little success. There are many that just wouldn’t work. Like the first Joan of arc mission.

Ok so I played the hastings and tours with my gf. She’s a bit of a noob, so I had to play them on a standard difficulty and I can’t really have an accurate idea on how difficult they are, though there are some other things that I can point out.

  • First, different civs with for the 2 players

This isn’t a suggestion necessarily for all scenarios, present and future ones, but on every possible scenario, when the history allows it.
For example, on hastings, both players use franks, which is a bit boring.

In this case for example, the second player, could perfectly play as sicilians (DLC problems aside) since they could be used to represent normans.

In general, 2 different civs would make the game more unique and dynamic. The different bonuses and tech tree would incourage the 2 players to go for different, and possibly complementary, strategies. The different team bonuses could also add a bit of a flavor to the player that uses the old civ.

  • Not everything have to be perfectly balanced

At the cost of angering the mad titan, not every scenario has to give each player the same experience (since you can replay it switching sides…).

For example, in the hastings battle, when you ally with the vikings (not giving the vikings to the 2nd player with some vills to settle in england was a waste but let’s move on…) you don’t have to split in half their units. One can have the berserker, the other the longboats, or the first that ally with them have all.

The same reasoning can be made for tours. One start controlling the big city, the other the army, but essentially both do the same thing. Yeah one have 3 TCs but no army, the other have 1 TC but castle age soldiers. But still, this brings both players to simply boom.

It could have been different. For example, the “army player” could start with just the army (adding some upgrades or units) and no TC or vills. This way, the 2 players can decide on trying to rush the enemy, with the strong castle age army of the “army player” supported by every feudal and siege units that the “city player” can provide, or having the “army player” defend the “city player” until he booms into imp and can take all the enemy all by himself. Triggers could give some reinforcements to the “army player” so that he can in part replenish his forces.

Those 2 kind of changes would also force more cooperation and coordination between the 2 players. Now, with patience, one can actually beat the mission alone, or with little effort, or both players simply mirror each other.

This way instead the 2 player would have to do different actions and implement different strategies, but still rely on each other, since there are things that you can’t do but you ally can, and viceversa.

For the rest, the CO OP seems fine, and it’s fun.


I think they are too easy to win, even on hard. The campaigns scenarios should have been rebalanced for co-op, I tried them with a friend and (despite being a cool idea) it was more of a military parade than a fight. The AI needs more waves, more army, stronger fortifications if it’s supposed to fight back against double the numbers it’s prepared to.
Maybe deny one or both of the players some important military options (for example, trebuchets, or knights) so they have to ask for help from the other to counter some specific army, maybe give them the ability to spawn some special “hero” units (like the mounted samurai from the japanese scenario).
Siege Units like trebs or bombard cannons in particular have been too powerful for us when the ai doesn’t really relocate and all it has is a bunch of castles and towers with the occasional cavalry archer.


Actuall they sometimes do this. For instance in Hastings trebuchets aren’t trainable. But I do think too the co-op campaigns could use some more difficulty. For instance in Hastings the Saxon navy takes forever to build its navy, and it still had feudal age ships when I had galleons already. In Bapheus, player 2 has the heavy cavalry archer upgrade right from the start for some reason, and the enemies don’t attack enough. Despite the fact we decided to not ally with anyone and kill the other Turks before the Byzantine and that I went longswords spam from one TC to really go easy on the AI my teammate steamrolled everything anyway. Also the Catalan company does almost nothing, it’s barely noticeable that they are here.

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I just wanted to say that I really REALLY enjoy this gamemode! I’ve re-introduced my brother and a friend to AoE DE because of it and I can’t wait for new co-op challanges!

One remark that others already mentioned: the Japanese campaign runs out of sync once everytime without fail. This is also why I needed a real life partner to complete it as I can’t get randoms to rejoin the game with the restored file.

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I found Bapheus to be quite difficult at the very beginning, as the yellow nation. I got the brunt of the butt kicking because the Byzantines did endless tricklespam into my resources camps and then the constant raids from yellow. BUT once I was able to set up real defenses, yeah, it was easy. And I agree, the Catalan company showed up, attacked once, then resigned with the Byzantines in our game.

I agree, different players having different roles is really fun.

The Japanese one and Tours were my favourites because they had a small amount of that element - more things like that would be great!

I didn’t found Tours with that much different roles. Yes one has an army, and the other have 2 more TCs, but in general you play the same way, just booming.

It would have been cooler, in my opinion, if like in the basic campaign, one of the 2 players have just an army, and the other the city. So one just boom, and the other have to defend their ally city while preserving as much as he can the army. Or both try to rush.

The army player could receive small trickle of reinforcement units time to time to make things more balanced.

I also tried Honfoglalás, and I founded more diversity between the 2 players there, where one start with just the LC, and one with just the CA. That creates a really fun and interesting micro co-op at the start of the game.

Deciding also where to build your city from the scratch also incentives going for different strategies.

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They should have added that into the normal campaign too tbh. You don’t need to fight anything, just roll in with a bunch of trebs and insta win.

Hey thanks for the coop battle options! I really enjoy playing these on hard mode with a friend. After completing the coop battles I noticed I didn’t get credit for their completion on the map.
C ohhh


I would like to have the video intro back and not just the outro.

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So I’ve pretty much played all the co-op campaigns with 2 different friends (and very different skill level).

We found the co-op campaign really really cool! So I will sumarize our opinion about the campaigns in “Good aspects” and “Not so good aspects”.

Good aspects

Playing with my first friend that is very inexperienced in the game I wouldn’t try hard too much so he could cleary see that he was helping me in most of the levels, which he thought was very cool. In Tours, for example, he was responsible for creating the army while I was protecting the TCs. Also it was a create opportunity to him learn and like even more the game. It is a great way to bring new players.

Speaking of new players, I think the difficulty is well balanced for inexperienced people and I think it is a good idea to “block”" some ‘techs’ from the tech tree in the hard difficulty. However…

Not so good aspects

I think the AI could do more intelligent things while keeping it balanced. In Hastings for example, the red player keeps spamming the same navy army while not really dangering the land. It would be more challenging if he mixed more transport ships for example.

Now, playing with my second friend who is way more experienced, we found it too easy, even on hard. I know that the single player campaigns max difficulty is ‘hard’, but I think we could add at least “Very Hard”.

It should have a “Retry” button somewhere instead of creating a new lobby everytime we lose. In Kurikara, for example, playing with my inexperienced friend we would die to the first army in the first minute of the game. And then we would need to create a new lobby to try again which is very annoying.

Speaking of Kurikara, we experienced one desync there. It was the only map this happened (with both my friends). I think it is because of the trade cart that spawns every now and then.

I also have some issues with some maps design, but I think it is another topic not related to coop. Honfoglalas objectives are all over the place and, in my opinion, not so intuitive.

Another thing is both players using the same civ. I know that this is more accurate to the campaign’s history, but it would be really cool to use other civs thus making fun teams. At least one different option I think would be awesome already.

Finally, I think the players should be rewarded for completing the campaigns. Even if it was an achievement or a medal next to the campaign. In my opinion it would be more attractive to try the coop if we got any reward.

Overall it is a really nice addition to the game :slight_smile:
I told my other friends and they also want to try it out now!

Thanks for the game!


I believe carts are busted on the solo version of the mission as well since you get supply drops from “over the mountains” that take their role. But probably both players should be banned from building them to prevent this confusion in the duo version.

So I played kurikara, and there a couple of things that didn’t work out well:

  • first, I don’t know if it’s because of the density of units in the scenario, but the game was really laggy, and we even had a disconnection (luckily, we were able to restore it).

  • second, there seemed to be a bug that didn’t allow us to trede. At first both of us weren’t unable to trade, then we built new markets (thinking it may have been a pathing problem) and only the yellow player could trade, the blue one (me) couldn’t.

For the rest, the game was good, but heavily in favor of the blue player. He the only one that can receive further resources through carts, he can more easily fish, and have access to more resources, and directly face most of the enemy.

I personally thought that it at least would be more pressed by the enemy forward base, so that yellow (who has more breath being more isolated) have to rescue him, but it wasn’t the case.

Apart from that, I enjoyed the scenario, I look forward to the next one.

The carts from over the mountains replace trading. You honestly do get more Gold than you ever can spend from it.

Other than stone, yellow has much more easily accessible resources. So the two players can work together (or suppose to) by blue focusing on defenses, and yellow going on the offense. Although teal is supposed to attack from the bottom of the map, which threatens yellow, but this attack seems to sometimes be bugged and send only 1 unit.

Main problem with the map is what you pointed out:
the Desync issue :frowning:

But does it purposely replace trade? I they block the meccanic itself if the game?

Also, the yellow player could trade with me.

Yeah but the south of the blue player base is alway richer of resources, and not threatened as it should everything considered…

Any news about the upcoming campaigns that were announced

Before they release the full Co-op campaigns, they should add the game mode to Quick Play so we can partner faster with people. Otherwise this mode will be as dead as Battle Royale.


But yellow has easier access to everything other than stone until you wipe out a couple of orange camps.

Orange is suppose to send some waves of attacks to you. Perhaps the difficulty level is not challenging enough for you.