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Some uploading issues when I attempt to apply a fixes for the French consulate units and Maltese longbows.
And now I can’t log-in to Xbox from the in-game menu for some reason.
Will attempt a re-install and work this out today, waiting for a re-download to finish.

Will provide an update when successful.

The issues seem fixed, and new patch managed to apply.

Good hunting, and don’t let the Doppelsöldner catches you…
I’mma catch some sleep now.

I’m having the same issue with my mod, nobody see it even though I uploaded it like 3 times, lmk if you figure it out! This dumb issue has happened to me like 15 times over the course of the year and idk what I do to get it working again lol

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Hi there! Very sorry for the late reply. I was playing PD3 and did not check this often.
Also, I’m not sure if we have the same issue. My mod showed up normally every time I uploaded it.
Just that the latest one seems to have problem with the legacy file in Microsoft database or something.
I couldn’t remembered much about what I did to fix it. But I believed it has something to do with my mod folder’s name.
I’m not sure if this will help, but here goes. And I hope you managed to get this issue fixed :smiley:
The process I did to fix was something like this :
1.) Copy and paste the current mod folder, rename it to something you haven’t uploaded before. (Or ever uploaded by anyone else)
2.) Archive it into a *.zip format using any program of your choosing.
3.) Upload the mod to this site, make sure you also rename the mod title to match your new mod folder/zip name.
4.) Larger mods may take a bit of time before it showed up properly in the mod browser. I usually just restart my game if I upload my mod using the in-game manager. Using this site to upload a mod usually goes a bit faster, but it seems to be more picky about what kind of files you can package into your mod.

**Important : Make sure your mod folder does not contain any “foreign” files/file extension that is not supported by the game. Some audio/image editing software may leave some trace file like *.pkf or other format that is not recognized by the game and is also not allowed to be packaged with the mod file. The folder will work normally when you tested it in “local” mod folder, but the backend will not allow the file to be uploaded.

I hope this helps. I’m not a technical person so not sure if this will help.

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Thanks for the reply. The first time I had the issue, it was because instead of having:


I had this:


The extra folder in there messed it up lol. Took me hours to realize haha

Another time I had a file homecityinca.mods instead of homecitydeinca.mods

This last time I had 2 in a row

Seems to me that it’s always en error by me that screws it up, but I was just curious what it was for you!! I swear I’ve pulled all nighters trying to find errors before lol

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Yeah it’s really confusing to fix as well since we don’t know what is wrong with our upload haha.
For me the files are all properly packaged, but for whatever reason it seems the database retained the old file name.
So, I kept trying to upload the new file only to open up my mod to check later and found out that it’s still from the legacy patch.
Then I first decided to rename the file, re-packaged and re-uploaded it. You know what happened next? Someone probably used the same file name for earlier upload! xD I’m so dead.

I uploaded the file with “new” name only to unknowingly end up with the same issue.

So I make a copy of my mod and send it to my test prototype folder and spent hours checking if I name the files correctly or if there is any incorrect syntax. Nothing came up. But you know what, the test prototype folder has an entirely new name and file path completely and that’s the one I re-packaged and re-uploaded. Voila!

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I wish I can do that with my old laundry too…
Though, probably the only thing that will come out of that is like superbug bacteria/viruses that will wipe out humanity…
I’d better go get my laundry done.