Coloque uma maneira de ver o baralho antes das partidas

Por favor ja há muito tempo estamos pendido que coloquem um jeito de fazer com que consigamos ver o baralho dos oponentes antes das partidas esta ficando impossível de jogar. As pessoas entram em sala e não sabem ler a descrição.

You should create an option to view players’ decks when they are in the game room. This would help to check the level of the players.

Please, we have been thinking for a long time that they put a way to make sure that we can see the opponents’ deck before the matches is getting impossible to play. People enter the room and do not know how to read the description.

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Some people have 35 decks per civ, precisely so you could never guess, so it would be useless anyway.

I already saw that I start playing age of empires 3 right friend

at atingo age of empires we got to see the entire city of the opponents

Thats an minority, definatly in casual lobbies you should be able to see.

Also making so many just to mask your main deck is already a sign you are not a beginner so you still have value in seeing them.