Colour issue in lobby games

Latest Version and Build
Windows 10

I was playing 3v3’s with friends in lobby with fixed positions. We chose the odd even colours (1,3,5 vs 2,4,6) and encountered a weird bug. We found that on multiple occasions, 2 players in opposing teams had the same colour, which also messed with the team positions. To be more specific, player 2 had the colour blue (and player 1 was also blue). However, I’m not sure as to what caused this bug since sometimes the colours were working as intended.

Reproduction steps

Start the game a few times with different colours and team positions selected.

Below is a link for a twitch VOD for one occasion of the bug: Here player 2 (k_the_foodie) has the colour blue. There are multiple instances of that bug in the same VOD, about 5 minutes before and 45 minutes after the linked time stamp (1:03:24).

PS:- I have reported many bugs on this forum lately and there has been no response from the developers or community managers. It would be nice to get a response from them so that we know that our voices are being heard. :smile:

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