Combine AOE2 dynamism and AOE3 specificities and 3D graphism

Hello !

For the comparison AOE2/3 AOE2 VS AOE3

Just a short post to discuss the possibilities of maintaining the dynamism of AOE2 in AOE4 and at the same time improve the 3D graphism and the specificities of the civilisations.

+++ To summarize AOE2 is wonderful for its game play : +++

  • Large possibilities of Micro/Macro
  • Possibilities to stick the buildings avoiding gaps (kind of walls)
  • interact with the environnement and the ennemies by building fast walls or buildings, trap the ennemy, stop a boar/wolf with a house.
  • Easy to recognize units
  • Large choice of civilisations
  • The 2D and graphics give a clear vision of the game
  • Weaknesses/strenghts of units are clearly visible

Few Minus

  • Civilisations are too similars with lack of specificities
  • Graphics a bit old
  • Historical mistakes (which it does not bother me that much as the game is not a lesson of history but for some it is a major point)

+++ AOE3 tries to modernize the game +++

  • More specificities for each civilisations
  • 3D graphics (which can be + and -)
  • Less focused on micro/macro and economy
  • More focused on military

for the minus, some of them are not really minus but becomes minus for AOE2 lovers

  • Less dynamism
  • No strategy on the way you place your buidlings
  • The game doesnt look clear (units similar, difficult to understand weaknesses/strenghts of units)
  • Less feelling of freedom
  • lack of dynamism

I am intersting first of all the macro/micro in AOE4, should they keep large possibilities like in AOE2 ? I would tell yes

AOE4 graphics have been critized for their “cartoonish” appearance. But that could be a way to understand easiliy differences between units ? I am for paying more attention to the gameplay than graphics.

What about the economy in AO4 ? will it be central like in AO2 or secondary like in AOE3 ?

Which are the main points to combine to sastisfy as much as possibile both communities of AOE2/3 and adding some completely new content at the same time ? For me its the most difficult question…

Last point which seems to be important, did the developer thought about people who wants to play with their cheap computer and offer a very low graphics performances option ? Or even for those who have good PC but want to simplify the vision.


Continuing the discussion from Combine AOE2 dynamism and AOE3 specificities and 3D graphism:

Age Of Empires has always been the game that runs even on cheaper computers, SO I guess AoE-IV will follow in that procession provided of course you’re not buying 20 year old PC’s Higher Gfx & a wide spectrum of customization will always be the way to go for PC gaming, otherwise we become console players getting title CD’s

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