Command Post card and tech compatibility issues

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: 100.14.30562.0 UP
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

The Command Post (deSPCCommandPost) which replaces your starting Town Center in certain maps is missing functionality for some card and tech effects. I don’t know if these are intended omissions or oversights as a lot of cards for the Town Center do apply to the Command Post, but several others lack the code for it.

The Chinese Refugee and Migrant cards don’t function as the civs.xml is missing the multipleblocktrain for all the cards’ units at the Command Post.
The commandpost.tactics file lacks the action entry for SpawnRefugees1.
Western Refugees (YPHCSpawnRefugees2) is missing the ActionAdd for the Command Post in the card.

The Command Post is missing the autogather functions for the Portuguese Feitorias card (DEHCFeitorias), in the protoy entry, tactics file, and the card itself.

The Command Post is missing the gather rate actions and range display from the Maltese Wignacourt Constructions card (DEHCWignacourtConstructions), in the tactics file and the card itself.

The German card Witch Hammer (DEHCWitchHunt) does not add Inquisitors to the Command Post.

The Japanese card Forty-Seven Ronin (DEHCFortySevenRonin) does not transform the Command Post.

The Inca card Monumental Architecture (DEHCMonumentalArchitecture) does not increase the attack of the Command Post.

The Ethiopian card Chitet (DEHCBigLevy) does not increase the attack of the Command Post - it looks like it was attempted to do so but instead has two Town Center attack effects.

Hausa and Ethiopian Fortified Citites techs (DEFortifiedCitiesHausa and DEFortifiedCitiesEthiopians) do not increase the hitpoints for the Command Post.

The Hausa card Sokoto Chronicle (DEHCSokotoChronicle) does not count the Command Post.

Many African Alliance units don’t unlock at the Command Post (may be intended due to UI constraints?).

The Chinese card Year of the Dragon (DEHCDragonYear) does not count the Command Post.

The Command Post also does not play well with Revolutions and would need many effects from various revolts/revolt cards that currently only target the Town Center mirrored for it to match the Town Center functionality. I presume this is intended as it doesn’t have revolts slotted into its protoy entry and none of the handful of revolt cards I checked had effects for the Command Post, though it probably should disable Ottoman Maintain effect, CommandRemove villager units, and add them back with Citizen cards at least.

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