Commanderies are the only defensive buildings that cant be updated

I have seen the last patch notes. I see good that commanderies shippements Will be buff.

But commandery remains being the only defensive building in Game that cant be updated. 30 damage are very poor in 3 Age and useless in 4 and 5 Age.

So i propose than when outpost Will be upgraded, commanderies upgrade too.


They should get upgraded because they’re very expensive. The buff to tongue cards was quite poor too, the issue in 1v1 wasn’t how many units you received it’s trying to get 1000 wood to even send the card.

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Automatically upgraded hussars cast doubt on the effectiveness of cuirassiers and lancers. Russians, despite their good relationship with the Order, should still not be named a tongue.

Added missing Italian tongue (that could provide an architect or a galleass); replaced French and Spanish tongue units (perhaps with grenadiers and rodeleros respectively); gave the Russian one a new name that is not a tongue, and changed the effect into improving commanderies and cavalry units instead of providing units.

Solve multiple problems at once. Make their costs worthwhile.

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Yes, cuirasiers, lancers and oprichnik are useles in a serius math.

When you going to four Age the last shippement that you need are cuirasiers or oprich. I think that these two shippement may have an utility in age 3… but in age four no Matter how much devs would improve them. They always will remains useles

The german tongue is the only card that’s truly viable though there is a place for the british card especially as the longbow are buffed 10% so they can be good in age 2 but later on you lack yeoman. The russian card I do quite like as it’s a nice unit to have that doesn’t need any cards and can break a stalemate it’s just so costly. The lancers and cuirassiers I’ve never had any use for though especially without the lancers caballeros card or cav combat for the cuirs.

I dont like and i dont use german tongue. If we use the maths we can see that how the shipment cost 450 of wood, it come with 2 wagons and we can train others four wagons costing 100 wood and 100 food each one…

We pay 141 wood and 66 food per wagon (and the shippement). Each wagon works as 2 workers and are more expensive.

So if you only going tu use commandaries for wagons, I dont see worth German Tongue. I prefer to construct one commandary if I need cavalry that spend one shippement.

It’s more about it being like a second tc in age 2 letting you continue to train vills and make settler wagons at the same time. It’s a greedier option but they pay off fairly fast.