Community Coaching Stream - Introduction and Replay Solicitation


I am over the next few weeks trying out something that is relatively new to the AoE community and a proof of concept for my stream in general.

I plan to dedicate approximately one stream a week of varying lengths to just going through community submitted replays and providing a live and comprehensive review of the game and the civ matchup submitted.

This offer is open to all players 1400 and under.

A quick about me, I am a 1650+ to 1700 1v1 de player ( ), who has a strong focus on dark age and feudal age economies. I have been doing my best to bring my knowledge and gameplay to the next level, and am at a level that I feel confident enough that I can assist players 1400 and under with surety. Be it through, approaching a matchup, balancing of the economy, things to think about as the game goes on and way to approach further improvement along with steps to take and resources to use.

A lot of this depends on the interest of you guys in the community.

I have seen a fair number of people asking for a player to go through their recordings and offer a critique. That is what I am offering and for free!

My personal aim for this is to help grow my stream and help foster an environment of improvement. I do of course reserve the right to not go through a certain replay or to stop before the end of the game if I feel that there is enough instructional value already attained or none left to be gleaned.

I would like to make this 100% clear, I will not be casting your game. I will be critiquing your gameplay and providing advice on improving and bringing awareness to your areas of strength so that as you improve you can remain aware of what you are doing right.

And so with my piece said. I can be contacted via:

Discord @ HighFlyer#9356

EDIT: I made a Discord Channel to facilitate the easy posting of replay links. here is the invite link

My Stream:

As this is the first time I have attempted to solicit replays. I urge people not to be gun shy, it would be a dream for me to have too many replays then not enough.

Thanks, and Enjoy the Grind.