Community Generated Maps - AI Differences, AI Confused

Something for the AI team to look into, and perhaps further improve the AI behavior. Testing these community maps on hardest difficulty, there were considerable differences in difficulty.

Below, this generated map I have created. Hardest difficulty I found to be easy. There are many elevation differences and paths to opponent. I found with testing my map, the AI became confused throughout the match when I built walls in the inner-lower center of the map where the sacred sites sit. I witnessed AI moving back and forth rapidly in trying to make a decision.
To a Higher Pass - Mods - Age of Empires

When playing this community map on AI hardest difficulty, it was a challenge and I lost. It seems the AI is more tailored towards open maps. This map is very open with hills and no plateaus.
Misty Plateau - Mods - Age of Empires

Thanks, @Drumsin! The AI team is aware of some issues with UGC maps that they are looking into.

Do you have pre-placed walls in your To a Higher Pass map? Or is it just the terrain pathing that seems to be causing issues?

Early on the AI seems to make it’s way to my base just fine, plateau, center, sides of the map. Seems like it becomes prominent when you start building walls in the center area.

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Thank you! Appreciate the extra context. I’ll get this over to the AI team.