Community-made list of issues

hi i still have issue with game performance even with 16 gb ram rtx 3070 and amd 3600 after 10 min play in multiplayer my fps drop to 30~20 or in end game after 1hour playing the game crash or fps drop to 2
the game is unplayable in + 2v2 player

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Friend, beyond the fact that it is poorly optimized, that is clearly a problem with your internet and in the regions that you play, next time check your ping.
If not, when you’re in the game look where the players’ points appear, a little turtle appears on the line of each player who has bad ping, yellow for moderate and red for terrible.

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Fps drops have nothing to do with the Ping.
Besides that the game is no longer peer to peer, it’s server sided, so if someone else has a bad ping, your game sti works flawless.


so whats my problem exactly ?

Mighty Tambo tooltip still says it increases range when it doesn’t actually.

Hungarian Revolution card “Hungarian Grenadiers” removes Guard Humbaraci (“Ulufelis”) as a researchable tech if playing as Ottoman.

Barbary Revolution Privateers can train almost all Ottoman units except for the “new” ones (Humbaraci, Azaps, Delis).

Wokou Junks can train Hussar if you’re British on the map “Central Asia”.

Native Scouts that die will continue to occupy population as a permanent downside if they’re acquired before sending the “Advanced Scouts” card as Lakota, Haudenosaunee, or Aztec. You can acquire them through the “4 Native Scouts” or various treasures on the maps.

Incan Fishing Boats benefit from the damage portion of Spirit Medicine as well as the HP boost but not the range buff.

Hausa Fishing Boats do not benefit from range buff from Royal Hunters but do gain LOS boost.

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How about your ISP? or Network?
Dou you have performance issues even on Skirmishes or Single Player

yes i have same problem in singleplayer and skirmishes you can check my latest video i made with age 3 you can see that massive lag in it in 3 ~ 4 scene

La Inteligencia Artificial no construye el mercado del envío de equipo “Casa de Nassau”
Casa de Nassau

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La Inteligencia Artificial de Francia en modo tratado siempre usa la Revolución francesa, esto genera un gran problema porque la IA toma a los Sansculottes como infantería y no como aldeanos.

ive come across 2 bugs since buying AOE DE, forts seemed to be bug with the build limit, it always comes up saying my fort limit has been reached despite no forts being on the map, and ive noticed the same bug with the dutch banks as wel, i cant build any due to it saying ive hit my limit when nothing has been built yet, kind of frustrating when these are fundamental to your game play but you cant even use them :roll_eyes:

22 Lenape Allies card (IV, Haudenosaunee) takes 40s to arrive but 22 Cherokee and 22 Cree Allies take 60s to arrive.

“Consulate” Mexican unit shipment Criollos takes 60s to arrive but Tulancingo Cuirassiers and Spanish Sympathizers take 40s to arrive.

2 Wokou Junks (USA and Mexican Revolutionary California shipment) is a Mercenary ship and takes 40s to arrive rather than the expected 60s.

German Mercenary Loyalty card doesn’t affect the Food and Wood costs of Circle Army and Adler Von Lubeck (though tooltips suggest that may be by design?)

All Battleship cards arrive in 40s rather than 60s but all cards are reduced in cost by Mercenary Loyalty so you’d expect them to arrive in 60s. Also, Battleships are tagged as “Mercenary Warship” but don’t benefit from German Mercenary Contracts (Swedish card that buffs Mercenary HP and Attack) and receive the same Imperial Age stats with the Mercenary Contractor politician (Mercenary and Outlaw hitpoints and attack greatly increased) as with any other Imperial Age politician.

The Mercenary Contractor age up politician tooltip description says he increases Outlaw hitpoints and attack but in reality he does nothing to Outlaws.

Thanks to NinePointEight for most of these.

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As they dont from water ceremony despite being warships, balance purpouses

Hausa Kingdom Builder tooltip for transforming into Tokens of Influence after shipping the age 4 card Sokoto Chronicle says 200 influence but it’s actually 100 when you click it.

USA age 2 card Hamiltonian Economics tooltip says it makes Market technologies free and refunds already-researched ones, but actually only works on economic Market technologies and doesn’t affect Frontiersmen. Also, the tooltip says it improves Market buy rates but in reality doesn’t affect Market rates at all.

And what about ranked ?

Latest patch shadownerfed Inquisitors to no longer retain full damage in Cover Mode and now they lose 50% of damage in Cover Mode. Just in case this was seen as a bug, here’s a list of similar units with non-standard Cover Mode negatives for the devs to fix or not:

  • Wokou Ronin (40% reduction to melee in Cover Mode rather than 50%)
  • Barbary Warrior (40% reduction to siege in Cover Mode rather than 50%)
  • Corsair Captain (no reduction to any stats in Cover Mode besides movement speed)
  • Trabant (no reduction to melee attack in Cover Mode but 50% reduction to pistol and siege attack)
  • Levied Spearman (30% reduction to melee and siege attack in Cover Mode rather than 50%)
  • Sentry (30% reduction to melee and siege attack in Cover Mode rather than 50%)
  • Papal Guard (enables pistol charged attack at -50% damage without requiring Papal Arsenal card)
  • Pirate (Letter of Marque (Haiti card) no reduction to ranged damage in cover mode)