Community Plaza - how to quickly mark villigers and not Warrior Priests?


This is 100 points question :smiley:

Lets assume you are playing Aztecs and you have “Enable Easy Drag Military Option” checked. You have 10 Warrior Priests and 15 villagers tasked to Community Plaza.
Suddenly you want to move all your villagers from Community Plaza to gather some resources but Warrior Priests should stay.

How to do it quickly?
Because “Easy Drag Military” is enabled only Warrior Priests are being marked. The only idea I have is to mark all Warrior Priests, move them aside, then mark villigers from Community Plaza and command them to gather some resources and get Warrior Priests back.

But there have to be a smarter way…


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Disable easy millitary drag and only select your villagers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah sure I can, but this option is quite useful so I want to have it enabled :wink:
Btw. I think it is enabled by default.

Isn’t it being used by pro players?

How about you simply click on the community plaza number next to your ressource panel? That way, it shows all workers currently gathering that ressource. And for community plaza, it shows all dancers. There, you simply select the vills.

Its super easy, I use it all the time for switching villagers between ressources.


This is exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you very much!

I instantly feel I’m 100 ELO better player now :smiley:

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