Comp-Stomp-Extravaganza (new event)

As found by @FenomenoAOC 20 days ago, new profile icon have arrived now (Small speculation-overview what's coming next to AoE II DE - #16 by FenomenoAOC).
Everything seems pretty straigth forward, but there is one thing that is strange to me: The last challenge has the reward “The standard AI will react to your accomplishments in skirmish games”. Does anyone get what this means? Also I dont get the point of it, since you have to beat the extreme Ai in order to get it… How often do you play against the standard AI, when you can beat the extreme?
Just as a note: 3.4% of player have beaten the Extreme AI (Steam achievements)… lets see if the event can rise that number


This looks like a boring event. Extreme AI is like 800 elo, thus easy beatable. If you exploit the AI, then it is even more easy…


If you just wanna get the icons, but dont wanna waste time on it go with infinite ress, post imp, so you can finish in the matter of some minutes where you would still be in dark age in a normal game

I’d have thought most Steam players don’t bother with the time-limited achievements due to the need to log in with an Xbox account?

Migth be, maybe not… I for myself go for the icons, just for fun, as a steam player… well maybe less fun, than an obsession to own everything I can 11

I suppose most people won’t have the problem I have. The game doesn’t support linking with an Xbox account that you’ve played the game on, so I had to create a new Xbox account just to link for this game. But when I log in with it in the game, it takes over my MS Store / Xbox login for the entire PC, so I have to log in with my normal account again after exiting the game. I can’t be bothered with doing that every time I run the game.

I wish they’d make the game natively support Steam, as I quite liked doing the little challenges when I played the Xbox version, but I’ve uninstalled it as it’s a waste of space to have two versions installed. When I watch streamers playing the Steam version, they almost always seem to not be logged into an Xbox account.

Exactly that… I once connected and never cared about it again

it went up to 3.5% :smiley:

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More like 1000 ELO for the extreme.

I was wondering this too, it might be deliberately vague so you only find out in your next Skirmish game what the reaction looks like.

Well, can beat the extreme one without cheese strats… guess I will often play 1v7 with standard AIs :smiley:

I think it is a little bit lower, but we might agree on somewhere between 800-1000 elo.

Definitely not, as I did never beat extreme ai and I’m above 1000 elo. Even very hard ai gets me sometimes.

I’m about to get into 1000 territory and I barely beat the AI. A few of my 1100 ELO friends can’t get the extreme… Not that an easy cookie for sure ^^

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Maybe the devs has improved the AI since my last try, since i havent played against the AI lately. When i was around 1000 elo i could easily beat the Extreme AI. It wasnt even a challenge. For open maps: Just go aggressive in Feudal and it will be an easy win. It was always too late with an army. For more closed maps like Arena: Just go FC into some sort of aggression. The AI isnt really able to preform FC build at that stage, so they arrive too late in Castle age to deny your castle push. Around that time i have even beaten the Extreme AI as 1v2 on a map like Arena.

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The AI will send message as those of Age of Empires 3, I’ve seen it

Well it still looses to any feudal aggresion (I scout rushed, AI “defended” with spears, which I still killed (armor+attack+a lot more numbers)) then castle age into 1 mango eating tc. Works even better with archers instead of scouts, but I was franks, so wanted to go cav 11

Who needs castle age against the AI if you feudal rush? Just go yolo feudal all in: M@A eat TC :smiley:

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You are wrongfully assuming DE was made for the veterans who have been playing since 1999. Explain to me how someone who picked up the game last week can beat the extreme AI properly without playing a treaty game and building a wonder.

Castle age gives access to the units that can actually end the game like Rams and Knights. And if your all in feudal rush fails you are up for a rough game.

Could you first explain why this person plays like a 1000 elo player already? If he/she just bought the game with no former experience, then i think he/she would have a much lower elo. Clearly he/she wont be capable in beating the extreme AI.

This is normally true, but this shows how bad the AI really is.