Compatibility of console version with PC version

with aoe2 (and aoe4) coming to consoles, this gives rise to two questions for me:
is there going to be crossplay between console players and PC players?
if yes, are they going to be on the same ranekd ladder?

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I’m more confused how you can even play it on a controller. Yes, I know Dave does it - and it looks a nightmare to play.


Could work, but might have to be separate profiles, which means lower elo on the console profile. Which is fine.

The alternative is separate queues which I think is highly unlikely due to playerbase size

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if i understood the comments on reddit correctly the XBox has mouse and keyboard support


Crossplay is confirmed in the official news article.

  • For those players who are loyal to keyboard and mouse, we’ve ensured that those inputs are supported in the console version. We also considered the functionality Xbox players have come to expect from their games and so the game will include optional crossplay between platforms, allowing you to play with your friends on Xbox and on PC. We’re also bringing the game to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), allowing players to continue their empire building, even when away from PC or console.

Other important features are a controller tutorial, “new user experience” to teach the player, and new economic aid AI.

  • We knew that bringing the complexity of RTS to Xbox consoles was a massive task and one we had to approach carefully and thoughtfully. The team has been working hard to bring an experience that not only feels great using a controller, but also teaches players how to play on Xbox. A new tutorial designed specifically for controller input paired with a new user experience for console will help players get started. We’ve also added a new game AI which helps make resource management in a strategy game efficient and intuitive.

controller shouldn’t be too bad if you’re strictly playing single player modes. But if multiplayer you would want to use mouse/keyboard otherwise you’re at a huge disadvantage.

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you know, what this means. MBL dream comes truth: auto everything!!! so the console play can be enjoyable.

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I’ve done it, selecting stuff is a pain. It gets better if you do what I did, and spent several hours setting up fancy hotkeys with mode shifting when holding down the triggers and stuff, but even then it’s an interesting pain to play.

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