Competitive matches a scam

Since they expect novice players to have a chance with gold level players, the matchmaking system is a scam, they are ruining the experience, is it so hard to match bronze with bronze? I see that the one who designed the system has a very low IQ, not realizing it.

TBH it probably is when a multiplayer game fails to generate enough interest to support a large pool of players. I don’t have any statistics but if there’s 10k players online and 1/5th play ranked, 2,000 people divided by how many tiers? I don’t play ranked but it’s probably bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum or something? So like 400 people per division, and games take a half hour so 90% of the online players will be in a game already. Still should be a good amount of bronze people to match with, idk. The system does seem a little off.

I get it, the team-based ranked system is new but I sense it’s not normal because that effects everyone. Needs to be updated and improved quickly it’s harrassing our game experience directly.