Competitive Walls are no longer usable

I would have no problem with the new pillarless walls except every patch seems to introduce new broken cards, mechanics, units etc.

It seems to be a never ending cycle of over-tuned cards, units, builds…

Here’s a list of all the different meta eras:

  1. Cowboy spam - Nerfed
  2. Italy infinite fort + infinite gatling gun exploit - Nerfed
  3. Giants Gren spam - Nerfed
  4. Harq spam - Nerfed
  5. Huaraca + bola (with not debuff against inf) spam - Nerfed
  6. Huaraca fort rush - Nerfed
  7. Gatling gun spam - Nerfed
  8. Inquisitor rush - Nerfed
  9. Russia Priest rush
  10. Cour de bois rush
  11. Desert archer spam - Nerfed
  12. Eagle runners - Nerfed
  13. Hakkapelit-only spam - Nerfed
  14. Caroleon-only spam - Nerfed
  15. Leather cannon spam - Nerfed
  16. Arrow knight/noble hut camping - ideally with walls even - Nerfed as of last patch
  17. 14 min - 5 Great bombard + Nizam rush
  18. British - church fast industrial + Gentlemen of the pike
  19. Chinaco spam - Nerfed
  20. Own hoot spam - Nerfed
  21. Inca - tupac revolt
  22. Peru revolt - Nerfed
  23. South Africa revolt with infinite scaling HP - Nerfed
  24. Jaguar knight spam - Nerfed
  25. Portugese spy spam - Nerfed
  26. Super Chasquis - Nerfed
  27. Chimus - Nerfed
    These are just some of the many broken strategies in AOE3DE’s lifetime.

Most of these strategies were overpowered and eventually got nerfed. They were introduced into the game in different patches and dominated for the month that they lasted.
Some of these are still strong and are debatable if they are actually op; they are still in the game.
Mark my words this will be in a Lion Heart or Jaegerchere video soon:

Base defence in this game is no where near as good as Aoe2 or Aoe4 with the exception of walls. The only response for any of these strategies was walled fortifications so you don’t just get overrun inside your own base.

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