Compilation of things that (new-ish) players often complain about and need addressing

I’ve been watching a lot of Age2:DE streams, especially from people with a non-AoE background or people coming from other RTS games like Starcraft 2.
Here is a list of things I think the majority of the community agrees should be added, improved or changed.

The obvious ones:

  • Disconnects
  • Crashes
  • Performance

The others:

  • Focusing the camera on a group split across the map doesn’t center on the largest group but rather the average position when double-tapping control group key
  • Not possible to swap CTRL and shift key behavior (appending and removing units from a group)
  • Not possible to walk over farms with military units without attacking them
  • Missing select all idle military units hotkey
  • Weird elo system, no ranks / divisions, no full ladder
  • Not possible to jump to certain points in a replay
  • No spectator POV that shows all player POVs at once plus fog of war
  • Units (especially scouts) tend to chase after the wrong target, even after multiple right clicks (Maybe fixed?)
  • Matchmaking not respecting locations, amount of lag is a coinflip from game to game
  • Lack of stats and graphs post-game (APM, build order, most used unit, damage done / taken, …)
  • Not possible to change tabs while in matchmaking queue
  • A lot of people didn’t realize there were multiple pages in the campaigns menu, the bookmarks don’t stand out enough
  • Matchmaking seems to rapidly expand on the range of elo you can get matched with - saw a relatively new player get matched with #1 and #7 on the ladder
  • No map selection
  • Grid way too thick
  • “How does this map look again?” - some sort of map preview in the ranked queue missing
  • Units not converging by default, barely anyone knows about the alt-move to make units converge

Updated list with respect to the latest patch.


I think this are all great suggestions. One other I would add is about balancing the Steppe Lancers, but that’s being discussed all over.

Also, about the stats, build order isn’t that important as it is in SC2, because the maps are all different and this game is much more about adaptability than SC2.

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I agree to your points but note that these aren’t my own suggestions, it’s just the result of me binge watching AoE2DE streams and writing down complaints.
Balancing is of course a huge point but it’s not necessarily something you’d complain about in the first few games.
I should probably change the topic title accordingly.

Good points.

Focusing the camera on a group split across the map doesn’t center on the largest group but rather the average position

This one is a great idea.