Look at all the complaints on the forum.

Shame on the devs for releasing an unfinished game but charging people full price.

Devs you could have done so much better.


Some Jankiness and bugs? Yes. Maybe too many. Patch breaking as much as it fixed? Not good.

Me waiting with no game to play while they work it out? Not what I want.

They’ll work it out eventually, and I’ll have been having fun with single player, skirmishes and custom games until then.

They’re going to get my money eventually, so I might as well get to have some fun while I wait.

I think some of you are really cry babies, how many can you complain?
Game just released, they fixed springalds like you all asked and released a patch to make spearmen stronger and nerf france.

You always see the bad in everything, nothing can make you be positive and it’s exhausting to see!

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Those people are of the minority and will always find a reason to complain and make the game sound like it’s a disaster. The game runs great, had a smooth launch experience and has gotten soon 3 patches with bug fixes and balance changes within a months time from being released.

Anyone who says that the developers doesn’t care or don’t work fast enough just simply is too ignorant to see what’s actually happening here.


They probably never saw how PUBG team was treating their player base lol

we’re actually comparing this game to Cyberpunk ? lol

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Well, maybe this comment is inappropriate