Completely Losing control of multiplayer game

Game Version:

  • Launch Version
  • Steam

While Playing Multiplayer, and tabbing in and out of steam overlay at the same time, I simply lost any ability to interact with the game, despite the fact the game was still running on the screen. I attempted to tab in and out of the window, open and close the steam overlay, and even open task manager, to no avail, and was forced to shut the program down manually.

I believe this has something to do with opening the steam overlay too often while playing, as this is the first time I have encountered this bug.

And just to clarify, the game had not crashed, it was still running normally apart from me having no ability in interact with the game.

Reproduction Steps**:**

  1. Play Multiplayer
  2. Continually open and close the steam overlay (possibly interacting with steam chat consistently in order to replicate it even further.)