Compstomps are really not fun anymore. AI too easy

Sorry if I’m going on a bit of a rant, but. . . After playing many games against AI now, I really feel that the AI was much better the last few patches than what it is now.

There are still issues with overgathering of resources and sometimes I’ll see an AI player chopping down trees despite having 3000 wood in its account.

The AI player is really not fighting at all. All its units keep continually changing targets in big fights and DO NOT deal as much damage as they should.

AI late game resource management is horrible now. But it was better before. In the previous version, it would be really difficult to finish off an AI player in the lategame, and now its just so easy, even on extreme. Mostly because of overgathering but also because it just gets stuck in commerce age and caps itself at 45 villagers.

All you have to do now to defeat the AI is hold out when it attacks first and then go on the counter attack. When you counter attack it has amassed too much of one resource and cannot train troops to fight back. And this is coming from someone who is by no means very good (I used to find the hardest AI a sufficient challenge and usually lost to the extreme AI).

Yes, there is an occasional game or two where it works okay. In 1v1 it can be fine some times. But i play with friends against AI opponents and for us this is ruining the fun we used to have.

Previously: AI was very good at defending its own base and continuously pumped out units from multiple production buildings and it took a lot from me and my two friends to somehow beat it. (It still was bad at choosing targets etc). A 3v3 game was usually two hours long.

Now: AI attacks… gets defeated. We go to its base and kill it off. No defense. Empty base. Lol. Game done in 30 minutes.


I play mostly 4v4 on hard difficulty and the allied AI is practically useless. The enemy AI is relentless while also doing a great job defending each other’s bases. It is the exact opposite of my allies. The enemy AI is very good at coordinating attacks and will just steamroll through an allied base without any help. These issues have been an ongoing issue with team games from my experience for a while now. I also notice the allied AI will just stop producing units sometimes with the current patch.

I appreciate the work the devs have put into the AI but it really hasn’t translated ingame.


Yeah hope it’s fixed reverted by next patch. Only AI that I’ve had trouble with is from Aztec, and that’s when I tried to boom as Inca

AI allies definitely need some talking to.

I really want to understand why allies and enemies behave so differently.

I thought they actually changed how the communications system worked. But when I tell my AI allies to play defensively or aggressively,or ask for help, they rarely ever listen.


I find myself playing the game only to complete the event challenges the past couple of months because the AI isn’t making the game fun to play :frowning:

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I was doing a 4v4 with 3 AI allies. I went to go attack and that was the first conflict of the match. And as soon as the fight started near the enemy team base, all 3 of my AI allies said we should resign :rofl:

It also seems to happen more often than not that I will run into the AI enemies’ armies in the middle of the map as they head to my base, and they will just ignore my army as it attacks them.

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Yeah, the allied AI requests to resign in just about every match I’ve played. Before they’d do it only if we were legitimately losing. Increasing the difficulty by making your allies useless is a weird way to do it.

At least the AI is self-aware now.

Jokes aside I do not understand how the AI gets worse the more work is put into it.

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Is it based on score difference?

Allied AI that has lost more units than enemy AI has lesser score than enemy. Maybe it wants to resign after lagging behind the enemy by a certain score difference.

There is still an issue with allied AI not being up to snuff with enemy AI. Plenty of topics on steam too.