Computer AI on hardest need to use seige from distance

When playing on hardest, please have AI be smarter when they attack. i hardly see them attack with trebuchets, if we build stone walls, and some sort of towers or castles, the computer AI on hardest is easy because they just stand there getting shot with our arrows.

Please have AI when they attack to attack from a distance and have their army wait until the walls come down and have them attack with trebuchets a lot more rather than RAMS and an army by the walls because they have no chance.

Play as Rus where you cant make Stonewalls against Hardest AI. It means with Rus, no Archers on top of walls. And also you cant early rush with Rus becoz Dark Age with them seems so grim. And Rus excels on the Castle and Imperial Age.

Without Stonewalls and without early rush against Hardest AI, playing Rus right now is wild and challenging. I love it. Just completed the Rus campaign and their Masteries all against Hardest AI. I had a blast.

Hardest AI would be on Bombards when they reach Imperial Age. The AI would have tons of resources to afford Bombards. The only way they would switch to Castle Age Trebuchets is if you starve them with Gold.

And sometimes I see Hardest AI English choose Wynguard Palace at Imperial Age. They make some decent amount of trebuchets. And also English AI seems to be using Shattering Projectiles for its Trebuchets. But I dont notice them that much as I usually overwhelm the AI army when I played my skirmishes correctly.

It’s true, my most go-to tactic vs AI is to drop stone walls at choke points. On the maps with choke points it makes it very easy to defend the stone from rams with 1-2 mangonels. Maybe 1/50 games I’ve seen AI use trebuchets, and they used them well.

My favorite map to do that is king of the hill. The AI doesn’t seem to appreciate how valuable the single center sacred site is. They won’t go near it until long after it’s walled off and captured, then it’s basically game over. They try their best, just without any trebuchet.

I find it ironic AF that the harderest AI in game dont use the most OP units (seige)in game in mass.
Want a truly insane AI?? Just have them mass seige with a few knight to protect the seige. Would be near impossible