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I played the original games when I was in elementary school and loved them so much but I played on the low settings with my parents crappy computer. What computer recommendations are there for me to play the definitive editions? I’m not looking for the best PC out there but I would like to run the game on recommended settings. Thanks!

Hi @MAJChipHazard1, The info for recommended system specifications is listed on the store page for each game.

Yes I know about the specifications but to me that’s gibberish. I don’t know anything about computers. I’m looking for recommendations on basic computers that could run this game without too much adding to the computer.

For a new PC I would recommend a mid-range desktop system with the latest (9th gen) Intel Core i5 or (3rd gen) AMD Ryzen 5 CPU minimum, 8GB minimum DDR4 RAM, 256GB minimum SATA SSD or PCIEx 4X SSD, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti or AMD RX Vega 56 GPU.

My personal desktop PC system has an 8th gen Intel Core i5 CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SATA SSD and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and runs both DEs very well and it will probably be okay for gaming at 1080p with new AAA titles for at least another year or two.


Thank you! I’m not planning on playing any other games than age of empires 1 and 2 for the time being. Do you know the price range that is for the recommended setup?

Or maybe a website that you recommend to look up a good PC to match that?

For a good mid-range system that will last you at least 3-5 years for playing new AAA games at 1080p, I would budget around $1K. You can certainly save some money by choosing entry-level gaming hardware but you may need to turn graphics settings to low. With a budget of around $1K you will be able to turn all the graphics settings to high or ultra at 1080p. Purchasing gently used hardware is also an option to save some money.

The website I use for comparing products and building a part list for a new PC is PC Part Picker.

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What should be the approximate system requirements for Aoe3 DE?

The system recommendations I have are for a general purpose gaming PC and should be more than sufficient for new upcoming releases in the next few years.

Go there and post your question again :slight_smile:

It’s a helpful online community for these kinds of questions.