Concept - QoL: New Civi Selector (Screen)

I do not know if some of you remember the concept I made of the screen to select the game maps that was implemented in the last update, so I decided to do the same with the civilization selector, expanding its size giving a preview to all the civilizations of the game for better comfort, also adding more details such as level, experience bar and other options that allow them to accommodate the order either by grouping them by continent, A-Z or level, and a random mirror option accompanied by better accessibility for all decks. This civilization selector is inspired by the one from AoE 2 DE and AoM, expanding the limitation of the one from AoE 3 which is a somewhat minimalist list.

So tell me, would you like to see this in the future? :eyes: :eyes:


Hi @zlOverPainAL !

Thank you for your new suggestion, our team will think about it :heart:


I’ve got to say we are loving the presence of you folks in the forums lately explaining, commenting and giving feedback even if it’s just a “we’ll see about it” that promotes feedback, communcation and ideas. Its a win-win situation. Kudos!

I’ve never thought of this, now that I have I don’t think I can ever play the game without it anymore. Great idea man!


What you are doing is beautiful :heart:

Can you share screenshot what the continental sorting looks like?

Heey @IkoKnight8151, Here AL (zlOverPainAL) Thanks for the comment on the post, I hope the team liked the idea and consider it for the future, a big hug!

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Hello, I did not make a concept on the screen of grouping by continent, so I leave it to your imagination, but it would be ignoring the alphabetical order and perhaps placing native civis first, followed by African, European, Asian, etc.

Hello dev, the new selection of the map is awesome but it is noticeably slow, there is a delay of 3-6 secs from when you click to when you get to the window.


Not sure about the ‘‘mirror’’ option. What if someone just plays mirrors? Would be an andvantage to only focus on 19 possible match ups.

This looks great! Love the screen. I was planning something similar with my own UI redesign. :slight_smile:

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Hey @BonnyMountain91, Thanks for the comment, the other day I had the opportunity to see your concepts, there are things there that are great, personally what I liked the most was the list of friends!

Yup we are aware about that delay. Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, we are tracking that

Second concept:


Man, your suggestions are great. I hope devs add them to the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would make for a great inclusion

So, did you think about that ?:smiley:

Third Concept (This is the one I like the most):


think its viable to mod in?

If this is still a concept that someone’s working on, a couple of thoughts.

  • Random, no duplicate leaders should be an option
  • For civs which have explorer skins, there should be a button to select which explorer skin you want without having to close the game, go back to the home city screen and re-select (like the 2nd concept proposed)