Concept - Recovering from Early Raids: Refund for killed civilian units

Do you know anything more infuriating than having to ring your Town Bell time and again, or watching your poor vils get picked off one by one by aggressive attacking units, affecting your economy to an ugly level?

Yeah, I thought of bonus to mitigate this: one that will refund some resources for civilian units slain, like 80% or 90% resources returned, for every villager, fishing ship or trade unit killed by enemy unit.

Possible existing candidates:

  • Aztecs
  • Bengalis
  • Hindustanis
  • Burgundians

New candidates:

  • Olmecs
  • Chimu
  • TBD

It is not about villager value, it is about the villager count behind the opponent. A lot of players will trade 3+ units for 1 villager kill in early game.

A villager is worth a lot more then 50 Food in the first half of the game.
If they weren’t you would train them, would you?

It would still be somewhat of an interesting civilisation bonus to have.
I would scale it by age though but with reverse scaling.
In late game you can easily retrain them so they are worth less so they could cash out less resources.


  • Villagers return 100%/75%/50%/25% of their food cost when killed in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age

The bonus for Fishing ship or trade units should be given to another civilisation.

Not sure if that could be exploitable in the Early game doing villager rushes.
Since you effectively trade a lot better then your enemy.

Could be combined with some early game defensive disadvantage like no Stone Walls.

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I dont like much changes to core game play but trying to be big on esport and reduce snow ball advantages would mean they’d have to create easier come back mechanics. this would prob help a bit