Concepts of a Potential/Future/Hypothetical/et cetera of a Aztec Expansion/DLC

Improvements for pre-existent civilizations:

Garrison Healing: All Buildings with Garrisons now have the ability to heal garrisoned units (at a rate of 1 HP per/second) giving all civilizations the ability to heal units effectively, however is stopped by the lack of mobility, and practicality in Rushes, and offensive movements. Garrison Healing also makes Garrisons more effective, rather than just either boosting building attack, or hiding them from enemies.

Herbal Medicine: Returning from AoC, the Garrison healing ability of Buildings is increased by x4 (4 HP per second) Available in the Mythic Age at the Town Center.

Construction Reforms: Villagers and Norse Infantry now building buildings 10% faster, and they now cost 10% less resources, does not affect farms. Costs 400w, and 375 Gold, and is available at the TC, in the Heroic Age.

New Campaign

Story of our People: A direct sequel to Fall of the Trident, take hold of the “One of Creation” (use Nauhtl translation) under the collapsing Atlantean colony under control of Commander Zethos. The Threat of the native tribes, beastmen threaten the collapsing Yucatan Colonies, not helped being led by a dictator that is threatening the native nauhtl people long captured by the Atlanteans. Creation of the Nauhtl follows a story of tragedy, and redemption, as “One of Creation” finds himself torn between his Atlantean Commanders, and native american blood.

The campaign is made of roughly 8 secenarios, the first two playing as the Atlanteans (although starting with with a few Aztec units as Auxiliaries, which can be trained from owned War Barracks’ in the 2nd scenario.

In later scenarios, unique Aztec units exist for the campaign, to represent captured atlantean weapons and horse, and as such, Jaguar Knights, and Captured Cherioballistae can be trained (like the Savarans in AoF’s Bukhara scenario by selecting a neutral Military Barracks and Counter Barracks)

There is only 1 main hero through out the campaign, “One of Creation” but in the first two scenarios, and the final boss of the campaign, Zethos serves as an inital ally, and antagonist.

New Random Maps

Fight in the deserts of Sonora, the desert wastes where only sickly trees, and cacti fill, but is plentiful in gold, and a bounty of hunt.

Fortify your base in the Yucatan, the massive jungles, rich in resources, and choke points: a Boomer, and Turtle’s delight.

Become a Thalassocracy in the Gulf map, where all players begin on a small outer right poor in resources, but cross into the larger islands in the central part of the map, to find much settlements, wood and gold, and plenty of fish in the center.

Establish a new civilization in East meets West where teams start on large continents in each corner of the map.

Reclaim glory on New Atlantis on a wood, and gold rich continent sourrounded by Atlantic Fish.

New Animals, and Assets for Wild Animals include: Coyotes, Capabaras, Javelinas (lighter skinned boars with a different name) Jaguars, Turkeys, Rheas and Llamas.

New Civilization

A new civilization, founded in the jungles of Central American jungles, an entire culture of farmers, slaves, priests, and fanaticism. The Aztecs, like other civilizations are the blood, and children of Atlantean colonies, as well as the natives that once ruled there.

The Aztecs do not have access to Cavalry, and Siege Weapons, yet instead have access to Coyote Runners, and Eagle Warriors, which take their place. They have the benefit of being only countered by Infantry, and are good versus Archers themselves.

Instead of mechanical Siege Weapons the Aztecs train Hornet Throwers, Mantlets, and Battering Ram. Hornet Throwers are classified as Infantry, and deal area damage, whilst Mantlets are good versus Archers, and ranged buildings. Battering Rams function as Aztec Portable Rams. Aztec Siege Warriors are soft counters versus buildings, the only Siege Weapon: the Battering Ram is available in the Mythic Age.

The Aztecs have a 5%-15% chance to capture enemy soldiers (becoming slaves), which can be sent to Sacraficial Altars for Sacrafice, as long as the Aztec Hero, the ‘Head Priest’ is alive. The head priest functions as a powerful hero unit, that is very effective versus myth units, but only one can exist at a time. The other Aztec hero is the Warrior Priest, which can heal allied units, and attack enemies with a Obsidian Dagger, dealing bonus damage versus myth units. Slaves do not take up population, but cannot work otherwise.

The Aztecs do NOT have access to the Armory, instead having access to the “Weapon Smith” (working name) and instead of researching metal armor, shield, and weapon upgrades, researches Rock Weapon, Wooden Shield, and Cotton Armor upgrades. Otherwise the “weapon smith” is identical to the Armory in purpose.

The Aztecs are an Offensive civilization, and only have access to Stone Walls, and Watch Towers. Their Classical Age Warriors have the benefit of being glass cannons, good in attack, but poor in hitpoints, whilst their Heroic, and Mythic units are strong, counter units.

Aztecs build War Barracks’ in the Classical Age, and can train Coyote Runner (Light Scout Infantry) Macahulatin (Ranged Infantry armed with a Sling, good versus Infantry) Atlal (Classical Archer armed with a Atlal, deals bonus damage versus Archers) and the Puma Spearman (Hard Counter versus Cavalry)

The Aztecs build the Calmemac, a temple like building that trains the Elite Aztec units, such as the Jaguar Warrior (Heavy Infantry, soft counter vs Infantry) Eagle Warrior (Light Infantry, soft counter versus Cavalry), Arrow Knight (Good versus Buildings) Hornet Thrower, and Mantlet.

Aztec Caravans are also different, instead of Pack Animals, they have a Courier, a quick fast unit, that holds half the amount of gold, trade animals hold, yet is 25% faster. The reason for the courier is that the Aztecs historically had no pack animals, or Oxen, and had not invented the Wheel.
Aztec Villagers are called Merchants, in reference to the backbone of the Aztec Civilization being the Merchants.

Aztec Ships are called Canoes (Arrow Ship) Siege Canoes (Canoe that fires flaming arrows) and Tlaloc Canoes (Canoe with a swinged ram, instead of a flamethrower or Corvus)
The Aztecs are best used in Rushing, much like the Norse, but holding out until the Heroic Age, allows them to use Elite units against their enemies. The main uniquity of the Aztecs is that they do NOT require War Pyramids (their castles) to train Heroic units, only the Battering Ram, and finally the Tzitzimitl (Heavy Infantry, which is like a mix between the Fanatic, and Jarl)

New Mythology

I would detail how the Mythos would work, but I suppose I’d just be reusing ideas made by other people in their AoM Aztec Concepts, and et cetera, but the Major Gods would be Huitzilopochtli, Tlactoc, and obviously Quetzalcoatl.

Mythological creatures would probably include, the obvious, and some of more modern origin (Chupacabra for example) Feathered Snakes (of course to a minor god related to Quetzal, which can fan it’s feathers to cause a mini-earthquake/whirlwind attack) Ahuizotl (Fast Tartarian-Spawn esque creature whose special ability is a Trample Aura) and of course a demonic man in Steel armor with a Arquebus riding an armored deer, are just a few ideas.