Concerning Feitorias - an analysis and a suggestion

Why would you buff them? They just were buffed, which imo is a good thing, however it might’ve been just a slight bit too much. Keep it like it is now, or take a minor amount away but don’t buff them even more.

There is still the issue that the slightly buffed feitorias still won’t do you any good in open maps, are outclassed by trade in team games, and that ultimately besides FFA, in some occasion Arena and on water maps the civ only has one bonus. And unlike Cuman, who end up with only +5% faster cav, there is nothing to help the Portuguese on the way. As of water maps, the civ is so slow that the beefier ships won’t matter because the opponent will likely already have more boats out already. The portuguese’s main option is to keep defending until they can either amass a Caravel deathball or wood runs out and make Feitorias useful. I don’t think a naval civ deserves to be only played like that.

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If feitorias were not outclassed by trade in team games, they would simply be op and even more so in a 1v1 matchup where the other player can not trade at all. Feitorias do become useful in very long team games though, when prices start going high enough so that buying stone or wood or whatever is no longer truly viable with gold. But that really is the point of the feitoria, they are the choice for the long game, not for every game. Also not all map styles prefer it either, which is fine too.

What I meant is that team games are one of the many instances Portuguese end up with only 1 bonus.

I think I misunderstood that and you meant Feitoria only and not the whole civ?

Yes I was talking about the feitoria specifically, not the portuguese as a civ. Since thats what this topic is about anyway. >:D :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if it’s a water team game, I’d say portuguese have a very significant bonus there.

Any person bellow 1800TG ELO should use them(fetorias) cause it will boost him.
It feels like u dont have space for big army but u can focus on army composition and micro.

U have to adapt it for map and strategy…for example, it can be played on arabia: 1 tc full arches and imp.

I know I’m necroing a thread right now but how does the Feitoria stand now in terms of balance?

Do you think it needs any future tweaks?

I think nothing has really changed for the situation. Ever since patch 5.7(?) when the wood coat was turned to stone and the stone rate heavily nerfed, since then feitoria are niche useless as described above by op (either op favorable or niche useless).

If they feitoria mechanic isn’t reworked, nothing can and will ever change.

feitoria was buffed at launch of DE iirc or shortly there after

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To me they look OK as an investment for the late-game. Nothing too stellar and definitely not too useful for Arabia&co but they do what they need to.

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They are good for non competitive play.

won a pilgrims diplo game today with them. Got wiped out on the main land, when hitting imp. build 7 feitorias on all the starting islands to hang on.

The feitorias allowed me survive, and Eventually got my revenge on the 2 guys doubling up on me befor,making a nice comeback.

Why not just limiting them to 2 and increasing ressources a little bit, just enough to make fast imp into feito a viable option.
Or the other way around, decreasing the effect for each additional feitoria, 1st 100 %, 2nd 50%, 3rd 33% and so on.
Than its much easier to balance also for different pop caps.

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I think they are fine
Today I went 7 feitorias in a diplo pilgrims game on the small starting islands. I ended up winning all thanks to feitorias.

They are useless in any competitive setting thought