Condottiero As A Champ Replacement?

No. I’m not arguing about entirely replacing the militia line units. I’m asking how good is the Condottiero as a champion replacement for a civ that does not have champions?

Example: Persians, only get Longswords Men. How much better is the Condottiero? Another example, a civ that gets Two-Handed Swordsmen, but no champion.

Does the Condottiero give a huge leg up to civs who have awful infantry or they better off sticking with militia line units?

Can fill the Champion use? yes, but in some niche cases.
However using Champions is more effective with Supplies.

It really depends…

Of course condos are strongher than LS, so persians would theoretical benefit from them, but then do the persians really need condos ora champions? Yeah maybe if you are vs EEW (but actually LS deal more bonus damage to them), or some strange combo of condos+trashbows, but I think that it would be better to simply go with stable units.

As for 2HS, if the civs does not have supplies maybe condos can be more food cost effective (sacrificing gold), but again it depends who are you facing.

Against goth flood, they may win, but the less attack is pretty much balanced by more HP, placing a 2HS and the condos in the same level (maybe the 2HS a bit lower, but only because condos are more flexible in general as a unit).
It’s a similar argument for when you are facing trash units against trash units.

Vs EEW 2HS deals a lot more damage, but condos can keep up a bit better with speed, so it really depends by what you want.

In my opinion, condos can substitute the militia line, but not so much for a civ that lack a good militia line (since it usually have better options) but for civ that need some infantry options but want to avoid spending resources in the champs upgrades.

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Condotierro has the faster and cheaper power spike than Champion. But Supplies Champion has the better long term cost efficiency. And so the answer is “It depends.”

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Classic AOE2 response hahaha


You mean classic viper quote :joy::joy:

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Usually not great, because in team games you rarely need champion line with most civs. Exceptions are civs with strong champions (malians, sometimes vikings), but those don’t need any replacements.

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i agree with this… + char