Confessions of an author with 3 years of experience in mod making

I hope that some official staff will heed what I say. I have several mature titles released in mods, and my strength can be reflected through these works. I hope the official will put more effort into building the editor. I’ve been exposed to this classic game since elementary school and it brings me precious memories, which is probably one of the reasons I’ve been able to keep playing for so long, and I’m sure it gets better.
However, I was very disappointed by the recent update, again with an inexplicable error, I don’t know if this was a suggested change or a self-made change: “Customized units (units with changed names) in scenarios are no longer affected by general changes to the base unit.”
When I create a new unit using AGE, it is clear that I need to change the name to distinguish it, and previously such changes did not cause the unit to be independent, but now, I cannot modify the health value using the xs function and the trigger modification attribute. This would make the new unit created by AGE useless, and it could only have one fixed attribute, which is a very bad change.
I don’t know whose suggestion it was, and I would like to give a reason for the change. Authors who actually make mods are rare, and I hope that players who give this type of advice are experienced, productive, and not casual.
The new work I recently made required a change in attribute health, but it doesn’t work because of the update. I’ve written more than 1500 lines of xs code and created more than 50 new units with AGE, which is a brand new attempt, but now, because of this official update, it can no longer function. If interested, I can send out the code of the work and the video of the show. I’m sure no one has done that before. I’ve made real equipment slots and corresponding equipment and items.
In addition, I also found that there are problems with other editors, if it is not an experienced author, I will not care about these problems, if the official really wants the editor to be more perfect, more authors to create, I hope the official can talk to me separately. It is no exaggeration to say that more than half of the online scene graphs that often appear in the game are from self-created QQ groups, and it is more helpful to talk to the mod author who has the deepest contact with the player than to explore aimlessly.
Reminder: I first wrote this article using Chinese and then google translate into English, if there is something I don’t understand, please let me know, I will speak more clearly.
Some of my works:
《7v1 step by step》《7v1 Desert Island Survival》《 7v1 End of the world》and so on
Chinese the original text:
但是,最近的更新让我感到非常失望,再次出现了莫名其妙的错误,我不知道这是被建议修改还是自作主张的改动:“Customized units (units with changed names) in scenarios are no longer affected by general changes to the base unit.”
《7v1 step by step》《7v1 Desert Island Survival》《 7v1 End of the world》and so on