Confusing descriptions

I was editing the wiki lately and I noticed some really werid “official descriptions”. Not all of them are made by FE though, some are by ES too.

  1. Armor class 11 is named All buildings except port, where Port was never a building. (ES)
  2. Armor class 19’s name excluded Turtle Ships, but Turtle Ships are present. (FE, because FE included them)
  3. Arambai is described as a Cavalry Archer, even when it is officially classified as a Conquistador.
  4. Ballistics: I don’t know if it a notion or official description but Gunpowder units are specifically excluded. Despite this, Turtle Ships and Arambai benefit from Ballistics. The current official description does say “unique naval units”, so that explains Turtle Ships though.
  5. Chemistry: almost same story. Why does Chemistry burn the darts of Arambai when Chemistry doesn’t give Arambai an attack boost? Even if minor boost, Chemistry gives Trebuchets, Mangonels and Scorpions +1 attack.
  6. Why do BBT have 120 base attack and benefit from Chemistry? You NEED Chemistry to unlock BBT, just remove the effect of Chemistry from BBTs. I get it that defensive structures are meant to get +1 attack, but it’s again a Gunpowder “unit”.

Wait, are Arambai gunpowder?

Its hard to explain. In the Genie Editor, all units have an official unit type. Despite having NOT cavalry armor, Camels are classified as cavalry, which makes it easier for them to be upgraded by Cavalry armor.

Likewise while not a gunpowder unit, the Arambai has the same unit ‘type’ as Conqs. It’s hard to explain without opening a copy of the Advanced Genie Editor.

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So, how many different units are in the game? Is there room for a new unit? Is possible that same units be upgraded or affected by different techs?

Yes, if you want to learn more, I recommend asking in the modding channel.

The reason the Arambai was given the same unit type as the Conq instead of Cav archer is so they wouldn’t be tagged to be upgraded by Smithing arrow techs.