Congrats for redbull wololo

Would have never thought you guys would get to redbull, congratulations to you :slight_smile: !
maybe you get an update too?^^

-greetings from the aoe3 forum :smiley:


Thanks for your kind words, hopefully the developers will hear our wishes for new contend and updates for this Legendary game.


Literally forgetting about the game and suddenly bringing it up for a tournament is such a weird move to me.
If that hints an update it would be nice.


Man i really hope, that something comes out of this


Is there any information on what rules and maps the games will be played?

  • D3KT or no rules
  • Highland or all maps
  • Mirror civ, random civ or civ draft

It’s a birthday gift. The 25th anniversary of AOE1 will be in October.


Thank you! I’m curious to see if this will have an impact!

Certainly mirror or always Carthaginian.

I too hope this means there is at least one update coming for the game.

In october we’ll also have 17th birthday of Age of Empires III.

They should do a documentary, ancient warfare cosplay contest, reach out and do interviews with OG developers etc. Tournament? Why not, considering it’s not really supported, played that much, and other DE devs are working their ■■■ off supporting them with new content, it would be nice to either include everyone or stick to player numbers and push for one or maybe two titles that have the biggest active MP community.

They will play 1.0 version of RoR…. Really disappointing

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The trailer has announced DE.

They changed it later. Pros not ready to play on DE it seems.

Omg… so stupid. :man_facepalming: