Congrats on Hera for reaching 2k6 ELO

Hera is the first player to ever reach 2k6 Congrats!

You are pretty late for a party. It happened over a week ago :grinning:


I don’t care if I was late a week a go or a month ago I’m actually an ophthalmologist who graduated 6 months ago so I’m pretty busy. Nonetheless It’s never too late to congrats him.


While Hera is rocking, Viper is lagging behing at 2.4K thanks to a cheater :frowning:

There are still cheaters going around ?

Anyway I don’t think anyone will catch up to Hera any time soon, he had to put insane efforts into tryharding to get this ELO, because at this level one loss can undo a big win streak.

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Meanwhile, TheViper:

Oh ok, cheating as in stream sniping & co. I thought people were giving themselves infinites res and full imp upgrades in dark age again 11

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Hera is pretty surely a top player. But that elo record stuff is stupid. It’s not like he won it against the next 5 top players. It’s a nice achievement but in my eyes it has no value at all.

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I think his last games before 2600 were against Mr. Yo :thinking:

Yes the two last ones were against yo, but how many of his matches after reaching 2500 were against players above 2.4k? How many of those did he win? It’s more an effort achievement than an skill level achievement in my eyes as all others with more than 2.4 could do the same by dodging matches with other 2.4ers. and his tournament games show that’s he’s not above all others or a different league as that elo might suggest. Yes he’s good, better than I ever will be, but not above all other top players.i mean he lost mos against a 2.4k elo player in the end :wink:

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Well this is his daytime job, so it works for him in terms of marketing. He gets more viewers and subscribers with these challenges. We’ll see how he will perform in the Hidden Cup. He’s one of the best players, but could not deliver in the recent tournaments.

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