Congrats to the devs, you deserve it

I haven’t posted in a while, but was probably one of the harshest critics of the game back in February 2022 and beyond. I also thought that Relic/Microsoft might cut their loses once player numbers fell to ~5000 or so.

With that said, consider me a convert (wololo). I think the game has steadily improved and the “fun factor” continues to deliver. The new expansion introduces a ton of interesting mechanics that I haven’t really seen in an RTS before.

Do I still think this game should have been delayed by 1 year initially? Yes, absolutely. Are there still things to improve? Yes, absolutely. Is the game on the right track, however? Yes, absolutely.

PS: The chickens in the TC still don’t move. I will die on that hill.


I absolutely love the new civilizations, they have made the game so much more varying and interesting. I am really happy developers didn’t shy away from coming up with brand new innovative ideas (Jeanne d’Arc and Order of the Dragon specifically). Also loving the quality of life update to walls, they are much more easy and fun to use now.

I have always been a fan of Age of Empires 1 and 2, but one thing that has prevented them from being perfect for me is the very similarities between civilizations. Well, AoE 4 addressed this issue, especially with the latest expansion, it’s like a dream that has come true.

I think AoE 4 has an incredibly promising future if they continue to release updates and expansions like this one.

Yes, I agree… AoE 4 has a lot of potential, if they continue putting in campaigns and expansions with several civs… by 2025/2027 (when the next AoE comes out) it could be in a very good place…

Devs really did good job on campaign but those variants man its so not for this game only ayyubids and xhu xi good.I wonder will they add new variants? In case they are thinking to add dont add peoples or orders as variants civs pls.
Japanese cav shield need to go or it should be a square shield its screaming i dont belong here.

Sure, the variants leave a little to be desired, but the main ones are excellent…maybe in the future they will put in better variant civs…