You managed to kill off AoE DE with the release of this RoR expansion pack.

You managed to destroy this expansion pack because it’s buggy and laggy.

Now there are no players in either game.



power of money make things happen and not in a good way

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was a good and short dopamine boost, until it got boring and delusional, because is nothing new to the table of aoe1-2. It’s just the old face but with added make-up to look better.

I imagined, I say imagined because my expecations are always the right ones but never achievable, because compoanies do their doings. I wanted to play aoe1 against aoe2 OR from aoe1 to aoe2. IS IT THAT MUCH TO ASK ??? or at least give independent skins to the civs… sadness…

I am really thankful for the product, sadly is not what I expected.

I feel like the developers (or management) didn’t expect how many people want to have crossplay between AoE1 and AoE2.

I mean if you look at the numbers it makes no sense, but most people don’t go in and be like, wow those Legionaries have as much HP as a Cavalier with Bloodlines, they see cool units fight cool units and they want to see them fight other cool units too.

I don’t think people that want crossplay would care much if the AoE unit stats would be made more AoE2 like even if it doesn’t make it perfectly balanced anymore.
Would be a fun optional game mode for casual play.


They just poorly delivered RoR. Just a few things that gone wrong:

  • They didnt add all original campaigns of AoE to RoR. Now they kinda regret their decision and add a few.
  • They didnt think about a proper way to play ranked for RoR. It seems they regret this as well and will make some changes in the near future. But they dont tell which changes.
  • They didnt take time for balancing Romans for ranked. As result they first didnt want to release it for ranked. It seems they regret this as well and will balance the civ for ranked.

And with all of this they tend to lack the communication skills. As result their was a lot of confusion about what is part of the DLC and what not.

So the DLC is recieved with a lot of negativity from the community.


I just blame Spirit of the Law because he said he want’s the Romans in the game but not for ranked.

Joking. But I think there are a few people that had that opinion.

So the developers wanted the Romans to just be a small bonus for Single Player, that’s why they didn’t make them perfectly balanced.
But then most people wanted expected them to be playable in ranked too so they had to change their decision.

I wonder what’s wrong with the marketing or public relations teams.
Why do they struggle to communicate about their upcoming products?
Yes I can see why telling to much can have issues, there is a lot that can go wrong, especially if you change something later on in development that you already promised or even shown earlier.
But that’s not that big of a deal. If you tell nothing people start imagining the wildest things and you will never live up to their expectations, especially because everyone has different ones.

Just telling more would help them a lot.
Show some early sceenshots with big “alpha footage” written all over them.
They did better communication back then when they originally released AoE2 and no one cried when they changed things like the appearance of the Knight or Trebuchet.

It’s nice that they listen to us afterwards but wouldn’t it be easier for both sides if we could give that feedback months before release? Even if they can’t add those features until the release date they can at last clearly communicate that and don’t make people think they are going to get all old campaigns or a crossplay mode.
Having some developer mention that somewhere in a reddit post is not enough, most potential customers will never see that post.


Population seems about normal to me.


I think they were talking about AoE1 DE when they just said “AoE”, not AoE2 DE, which makes sense to have stayed the same.

Hah! Very funny! Do you do birthdays too?

Aoe2 DE hasn’t changed.
Bringing an expansion pack to AoE2 “RoR” canibalized AoE 1 DE.
Rise of Rome is an expansion pack of the original AoE 1. AoE DE is basically The original expansion pack with updated graphics. There were only enough regular players for 2-3 games at a time. Enough players moved to AoE 2 DE RoR from AoE1 DE that there aren’t enough players there now.

AoE 2 DE RoR is a buggy and laggy PoS. People just don’t feel like playing much. so it’s hard to get a game on either version.

Let me buy the Roman civ for 5 dollars or less. This is the first time I have not bought a dlc pack on release.

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