Conjectures about the gameplay and details

In the video, I saw many types of formations and unit combinations. Will they be widely used in actual games? This will make the battle look even more shocking.
In Age of Empires 2, players like to use ordinary buildings to protect themselves instead of walls. Although this is convenient, it is very unrealistic and unsightly. I think buildings in the city should have a reasonable layout, and only stone walls can protect themselves.

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There is a minimum distance between buildings that prevents people from walling with buildings in AoE 4.
If you want to wall, you have to use walls.


Perhaps they have chosen a similar way as in CoH where the units are moving in squads.

No, units have been seen moving alone from the beginning.

It seems not, I still prefer the unit to move alone

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This seems a bit gamey to be honest.

while in reality houses were indeed build close to each other, maybe at most with a small pass through gap, no empire ever would have used houses instead of walls. Just directly behinf them, maybe to strengthen them.
A system similar to stronghold therefore would be nice, where you can place houses directly against walls and directly beside each other.
the latter however should only be possible behind walls. So
we woul have a more realistic approach aswell as a more realistic gameplay.

While I like this idea I believe that this would change the gameplay everyone is used on playing in a AoE game too much that people would find it annoying.

But overall I also enjoy watching your city/empire grow in a more believable way as I always try to build it to make sense haha

I’d love to see formations for units if they are useful.

well they already did change it so that you cant place buildings directly next to each other… This would just be givin us back a bit of old age :wink:

but I dont believe we will see such thing.