Connecting Walls

I know this has been requested before but we would really like to be able to connect our walls to each other as allies. It’s really annoying that I go to meet my allies walls and there is a gap there and I have to waste a bunch of stone to create some weird endpoint.


I couldn’t agree more with you! It’s weird that this isn’t even done yet let alone mentioned in their to-do list of changes.

I think the walls built by everyone should belong to the whole team. For example, everyone in the team can add doors and delete unreasonable parts


Makes sense to me. Only downside I guess would be trolls deleting walls, But trolls can already troll by leaving game after walling and then their walls become neutral and inaccessible to anyone. They need to at least fix that so the remaining team members have egress. Walls being shared by the team would also eliminate the possibility of walling in your allies markets and stuff like that.

Agreed! +1.
I imagine there is a problem with open diplomacy where allies switch to enemies, but you could just remove the option for those very rare games. Also, they have to deal with the different styles of walls for different civs.
But they could fix this. Even if there was a special kind of wall segment you had to build to connect. They already have an elaborate setup for how the walls connect to hills, melding into the hills. And even if you connect your own wall to one of your own wall segments, there is a circular “connector” pillar point.