Connecting With Other Players

Pardon me please if this is a dumb question, but is there some way to message or connect with other players? I’ve played with some cool people during previous ranked games, and would love to reach out to those folks. Also, I have a group of friends (1000-1300 ELO in team ranked, so basically noobs) that plays together, and in reviewing some stats from previous team games, it seems we have played a couple other “teams” of players a couple times. Those have been some incredible games. I would like to contact them somehow to see about setting up friendly games. Just inviting people to random games has proven ineffective.

Help? Thanks.

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Unfortunatelyhe game doesn’t give you a lot of means to do that. The best you can do is to look at your list of “recently played with” persons (if it’s not near your profile you should be able to see it in the invite menu) note the name of those you want to invite, got to and send them a Steam invite.