Connection Lost problem once after 40 minutes Treaty is almost done

I am having problem of quitting from game once after 40 minutes Treaty is almost done. And it happened for 2 consecutive games on Multiplayer online matches, with the Original AOE3 map. It showed that Connection Lost, exiting game; even though my Connection pin is showing for Green colour for the whole Treaty period.

And I did Windows Restart and Steam Restart once after First Game failed. But it happened once again, which can’t be my Computer fault. So that I would like to report the issue and also for some suggestions if the problem is my Laptop.

Thank you so much.

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happened to me with 60 min treaty but at 40 min , and Im sure my internet was totally fine

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Me too. My internet was totally fine, even on the photo, as u see, my wifi connection is green, better than the enemy team player.
Besides, I was even talking on group chat with my teammates. If the problem is Internet Connection, my group call must be failed at the same time too. Isn’t it?
What do you think the problem of that? High Graphic? But I am playing with GTX1650 with 8gb RAM.

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Its certainly not graphics or Internet IMO,

its some redundant code or something that is terminating the game around 40 min. no matter how long the treaty is.