Connection of AOE 2 DE

Will the connection of this game be peer-to-peer as in the old ones or will it have its own server to soften problems with doors?
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It will most likely remain peer-to-peer. A server architecture would require a significant rewrite of the whole engine.


Are developers aware of the problem many players have about this? That most age of empire players play in vobbly because it fixes a bit of those errors that steam does not do? This problem is very old, and I met many people who gave up playing online because of it.

IT looks like that MS do not know the AOE2 players and have no intention to solve those old problems.
2D engige is unacceptable and do not keep up with the age.
MS does not do the work by heart.
there is no Ensemble Studios,there is no age of empires.
AOE2:DE will turn to be a disaster ,just like AOE1:de

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I agree with you. I do not think they are aware of how disastrous this connection system is. After they said that the peer-to-peer connection will continue to be used, I came to the conclusion that this game will be an age of empires 2 HD Edition 2.0 full of lag and heavy.

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At this moment another person opens a topic to complain about problems with doors here in the forum. I would love for developers to understand the seriousness of this. I’ve been playing this online game since 2005. I know what I’m talking about.

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While peer-to-peer does have some inherent problems with connections, it definitely can be done better than HD (see the Userpatch version played on Voobly). Also, the reality is just that adapting the genie engine takes significantly fewer resources. If they did a whole rewrite, the game would take longer to develop, they would need to ask for a significantly higher price and in the end it probably would end up less successful than a well done remaster.

I would have liked a complete rewrite as well, but I don’t think it’s particularly realistic.

I find it inconceivable that an unofficial system (voobly) works much better. I hope the game will flow at least, it would not be too much to ask.

I find implementing server-client networking to be even easier, but I suppose they won’t do that because it’s much harder to redesign a finished product. Don’t forget that they are working with code they didn’t write. It means they would have to make the engine from the ground up (because it’s a huge change), which is a ton of work considering that the assets are also remade.

Also improving pathfinding is also incredibly difficult, because there is no standard algorithm that you copy paste and it just works and it varies on each game. (ofc they’re using some A* based algorithm but I’m sure it’s not that easy). And don’t forget you need an expert who can improve that algorithm and I’m sure it’s not easy to find one.

Anyway I hope the best, I like what I’ve seen so far

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really the game is very beautiful! But I wish more people could get access to the multiplayer without going through bureaucracies to ask for a taster to release doors, I get tired of people giving up the game because of it. I’ll give a classic example: CS 1.6, only the host would need to have an unlocked port and all would play normally and CS 1.6 tbm has peer-to-peer connection. Already in the age it was always more difficult, everyone had to have a 6 doors unlocked, regardless of whether they host or not.

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I’ve been playing this game online since 2001 and I’ve almost never had any issues with connection besides more recently in HD and even then there was almost never any problems once they’d done more updates. Never ever had any connection problems with Voobly so if you think Voobly has connection issues as well then I can’t relate to that at all.

I played back in the early MSN Zone days with a 56k modem and I almost never had any connection problems even back then. Only really a few specific individuals who would drop their connection on purpose to steal rated points … and nobody has done that to me in years. Drop tricking appears to be a thing of the past as well.

Opponents with bad connections genuinely lose connections sometimes … but that applies to all online gaming.

Vobbly works fine. I live in Brazil and the internet via radio here is very common. But of the problems with this type of game if you do not have the released doors. The problem with the doors is the greater difficulty of these people. I do not particularly have that kind of problem anymore.