Connection to xbox

I can not log in to xbox, i try it and nothing happens. I am loosing the events. what is happening. y uninstalled the game a couple of times, checked the file integrity, and nothing.


If you can open the game ok but can’t log in to Xbox for multiplayer, coop, etc. then maybe try this (for windows 10)

  1. close the game
  2. In the search section of the windows toolbar type: Game Mode Settings
  3. Select Game Mode Settings System settings at the top of the search results
  4. Select Xbox Networking on the left
  5. Wait for it to finish loading and if you get a message “Teredo is unable to qualify…”
    then click the Fix It button
  6. Click the Check Again button to make sure it fixed it
  7. Restart your computer. (Do not try to open AOE2 before restarting)
  8. Open AOE2 and see if it works. If not you may need to repeat the above procedure.

thanks a lot, bu I am using windows 7

Hi @chorritin !

I recommend you to uninstall your anti virus or add the game to the exception list.

Also verifying your files in Steam could help.

If that does not help you can contact support:

Not sure if W7 could be the problem, could you upgrade to W10?

Good luck!