Conquer the World campaign in AoE4

Hi, I really hope that Relic will also include a Conquer the World campaign like in Rise of Nations.

This could be a great Risk-type world domination campaign mode with some persistent rpg elements.

What do you guys think?

Yess, I was just talking about something similar. I really haven’t played much of Rise of Nations but I love this concept.

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It could be an amazing mode.

I hope AoE2 DE include that mode. But make it look better than in Rise of Nations, respecting the simplicity.
I mean, remove the cards and rare stuffs and if you want to add new features please don’t go too complex like in total war.
The art for the map needs to be historic style like the ones shown in age of empires 2 campaigns.
I liked the map in Imperivm III the great battles of rome. I couldn’t find a screenshot.

I was actually suggesting it for AoE4 :slight_smile:

Yeah RoN’s conquer the world campaigns were fun…you could add some randomness to maps, quests, conditions etc for more replay-ability for the PvE people.

I’ve always liked Regicide in AOE2.