Considering AoE III expansion packs


AoE III is largely devoted on colonial/englightment era generes, that is 17th to 18th century eras.There must be expansion packs of AoE III which must includes weaponary, infastructures diversity and specfications. E.g. concepts of types and specfications of weaponary and armory buildings during colonial/enlgihtment eras of 17th to 19th century and much more… African contintent campagins and skrmirher maps be included in these expansions. Africa was used to be called scramble Africa during the colonial eras till the firsrt half of the 20th century.


You mean like adding the African Kingdoms expansion for AOE II HD. I agree it would have been more logical to add it to AOE III. Developers probably preferred AOE II HD’s engine. There is a free mod though.

Here you can find it.


you mean its out there or under development???


That mod is free to use, just follow the link.
I don’t think that they will move expansions from AOE II HD to AOE III DE.


The best mod is called Wars of Liberty